Scalebound Could Still Happen


One of the latest big disappointments from Microsoft was their cancellation of Scalebound. This happened out of the blue last January and it really hit hard on the illusions of a lot of gamers out there. Ever since its showcase during E3 2014, Scalebound was an Xbox exclusive that really stood out among the others. Even Phil Spencer issued several tweets back then, apologizing to the enraged community for this controversial move.


Is Scalebound Over Though?

Following the same “out of the blue” fashion, now it seems that Scalebound may still be in development. Or to put it in other words, its cancellation may have an expiration date in the future. According to the website Justia, Microsoft has renewed the rights of this IP. A quick look at the website reveals that from October 2016 to May 2017 there had been no further movements. However, May 3 marks the renewal of Scalebound’s rights and could open the possibility of this Co-Op monster hunting game happening.

Microsoft has yet to provide a statement about this. If these rumors were to be true, this would be seriously good news for all players who fell in love with Scalebound’s concept and gameplay. The question about its developer would remain, though, as Japanese creators Platinum Games also bid their farewells to the game when it got canceled. We’ll be keeping an extra eye to Microsoft, should they decide to communicate about this.

Would you like to see Scalebound happening, Fanatics? Let us know!

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