Meet Zhumao KeLe, the Cosplaying Cat

Believe me, you won’t see anything cuter than this little cat for a while! You’ve seen cosplayers and you’ve seen cats. But have you ever seen the two together?

Zhumao KeLe, a cat found to be residing in Beijing, China, has reached international stardom by dressing up as famous characters from pop culture and having a picture taken.


The cute pet will be having turning 5 this week and the effect the animal has had on the world after cosplaying as Captain America after the release of The Winter Soldier should be celebration enough.


When the owner cannot achieve a certain look through cosplaying alone, perhaps because the outfit necessary is not available, the cat cosplays as much of the outfit as possible and the rest of the look is photoshopped on. But for the most part, the photoshop is not needed, as the photogenic cat pulls off every look it comes up against.


Source: designtaxi

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