How Video Games Reminded Me That I'm Never Truly Alone

Even during the darkest of times for people, video games and the friendships made in them can help shine a much needed light.

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Meet Zhumao KeLe, the Cosplaying Cat

Believe me, you won’t see anything cuter than this little cat for a while! You’ve seen cosplayers and you’ve seen cats. But have you ever seen …

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Fanatical Culture | The Sweet Symphonies Of Kyle Landry

Ever wanted to hear your favourite video game soundtracks in a different form to the awe inspiring orchestra? The piano instrumental arrangements by Kyle Landry are …

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The Board Game Fanatic | Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a game that needs no introduction. Not only is it a popular gateway game between mainstream and niche, but it’s also won …

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The Board Game Fanatic | Risk Legacy

Ohhh, boy. Risk Legacy has been a board game I’ve wanted to review for quite some time now.

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GaymerCon Surpasses Kickstarter Goal

On August 2nd, GaymerCon, the world’s first LGBTQ centered gaming and tech con created a Kickstarter page with the hopes of raising $25,000.  Less than four days …

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