Mafia III Revealed, More Information Due at Gamescom

Mafia III

2K Games tweeted out some pre-Gamescom news this morning: Mafia III is happening. Though they only revealed the title and a teaser image, they did say that the full reveal would happen on August 5th in Germany.

Mafia II, the previous entry in the franchise, launched five years ago. This second title received mostly positive scores from critics, and presently sits at an average of 75 on Metacritic. Many fans of the franchise though, were highly critical of the game, citing its lack of a robust open world, and the exclusion of features that had been present in the original Mafia. Melee weapons, like a baseball bat and brass knuckles had been shown off prior to release, but were not present in the final build of the game.

Mafia III
Cops vs. Mafia action might be on the rebound.

While Mafia III has been revealed, details are presently scarce

Since the release of the series second installment, rumors of the release of Mafia III have been flying about. Most recently, voice actor Rick Pasqualone, who voiced Vito Scaletta, the protagonist of Mafia II, responded to a fans tweet, stating that we “Might have some Mafia news very soon!” and added that “exciting news” would soon be coming.

Originally, many people assumed the game would be coming from 2K Czech, who handled the previous games in the series, but the studio recently went through a massive restructuring, which resulted in the closure of its Prague based studio.

Mafia III

When the first real details about Mafia III are revealed at Gamescom, we’ll be sure to bring them to you. You’ll be able to see the trailer here as soon as its revealed on August 5 at about 8 AM EST. Are you excited for this latest Mafia title?

(Source: All Games Beta)

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