Lupe Fiasco Defeats Daigo at Street Fighter V Launch Event

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter has a very strong community and the competitive scene is nothing short of special. This was especially the case at the Street Fighter V launch event where music artist Lupe Fiasco got his shot at Daigo Umehara, the world’s best Street Fighter pro.

This is an interesting matchup to say the least. This was a best three out of five match to see who would take the crown and kick off the long-awaited launch of the newest Street Fighter game. Daigo Umehara is a Street Fighter legend that is recognized world wide in the 2D fighting game scene. Lupe Fiasco is a rapper that wanted his shot at the best street fighter player out there. He got his wish and they went head to head and the results may shock those who are familiar with the Street Fighter competitive scene.


In the best three-of-five match, Fiasco played as Ken and Umehara played as Ryu. Lupe Fiasco overcame all odds and took down Daigo 3-2, winning the first, fourth and fifth games. This came as a shock to most of the fighting game community and has some people believing that this was staged. Either way this was a very entertaining video and a great way to launch the game. It has everyone talking about Street Fighter V and that was the ultimate goal here right? I mean if this would’ve gone as expected there wouldn’t be near as much to talk about if you ask me.

Longtime Street Fighter fans find it hard to believe the world’s most famous competitor in his sport could lose to a celebrity whose name has no real pull in the fighting game community. Either way, this was an interesting match to watch and it was definitely entertaining to say the least.

Street FighterV

An event like this shows how strong the community is around this game. If you are new to the eSports scene with fighting games then you may not understand just how marveling it is to see two talented people go head to head. It is almost like sitting and watching a boxing match. It is intriguing, entertaining, and most of all it is memorable. Street Fighter is a historically great fighting series and Street Fighter V is a great addition to the franchise. It is out now so if you think it should’ve been you in that seat then now is a better time than ever to sharpen those skills.

Street Fighter V is out now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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