Lollipop Chainsaw Shows Off the Bosses of Zombie Rock

  • zac2535

    Great developers behind this

  • Kingx05


  • Annette Cutter

    I undoubtedly strategy to get Lollipop Chainsaw and Resident Evil 6. What video games are you most fired up about?

  • Jokerzwild

    Will be interesting how it turns out, look forward to hearing the reviews.

  • Melissa Nason

    Not counting Mas Influence 3 since I will have it soon. I would say:

    Tomb Raider: A Survivor Is Born
    Lollipop Chainsaw

  • Annette Cutter

    In NMH1, it was said that Sylvia created up the UAA so Travis could get his revenge on Jeanne and so she can get a great deal of money. Suda 51 has now explained that in NMH2, Travis will begin at rank 51. But if the UAA never existed, how can he have a rank? And for that matter, how could individuals challenge him for his rank in NMH1?

  • Roslyn Pasley

    It seems to be fast like MVC or a heated Smash Bros. match. I’ve by no means observed an motion recreation that quickly exterior of fighters. And I would have passed up it’s type had it been a display or movie. Becoming able to actually perform as such a unusual selection of a character looks quite cool. I stop hack n slash right after DMC4 and Bayonetta since I thought the genre achieved it can be pinnacle (especially with Bayonetta. It had a full blown Afterburner video game in it!!) so I stopped. LC seems quite good, though. Is it?
    I hope not. :

  • floydian8717

    I’m thinking about pre ordering Lollipop Chainsaw and i just want to know what you all think about it. I love zombie games and i feel like the game will have a Buffy the Vampire feel, which i think is funny. But i want to know if you guys think’ll be good or bad.

  • Beavis

    Can you change the Voice Actors from English to Japanese in Lollipop Chainsaw?

    I am going to keep on asking this goddamn question until I get an answer. I am getting sick and tired of people not answering my questions, like my questions about the relationship between Martin Lawrence and Biggie Smalls or the question about what “throw up a finger” means. Well, I had enough, I am going to continue to ask my questions until I get an answer.

  • Oilers

    i need to know how to get the retail of lollipop chainsaw kit i havent been able to find a store or place thats sells it. help please thank you.

  • Jeff

    I Pre-ordered, and got the two exclusive skins, then I downloaded them from the Playstation Network Store, but I can’t find them anywhere in-game. How the eff do I use them?

  • mavis24

    I somehow get the meaning, but I don’t fully understand it yet. I know that receptor potential is a graded potential, whereby the intensity of the stimulus will affect the frequency of action potentials? But then, when does depolarization or hyper-polarization occur? does it occur when receptor potentials occur or only when action potentials occur?

  • dealy

    If you are one, or support the “movement”, what action could the government take specifically that would make the OWS people say “okay, that is what we are looking for , we don’t need to squat in streets and parks anymore…” ? If there is nothing to be done that would satisfy them, are they not simply disillusioned citizens compaining about everything, and nothing ?

  • Flash Funk

    What is the best course of action to become a successful plastic surgeon?
    When I say course of action I mean schools and degrees to have. Also, where do I have to work as a surgeon before I can run a successful private practice. I heard somewhere that it is a good idea to work at plastic surgery firm in a hospital until I am a resident there. My ultimate goal would to run a private practice in a place like Miami, LA or NYC. Is this a good idea financially? Please help, I am very confused.

  • Zanto

    I would like to know if there’s a difference between a dual-action airbrush and single action one. Anyone have the answer?

  • crzyinluv

    I understand that Cornell has an early decision plan, but does it also have an early action plan? If I get accepted to a school through early action do I have to give them an immediate response right away? Can I wait and apply to another school like Harvard and get their decision before deciding on a final selection? Thank you.

  • Matthew

    The game recently came out, yet everyone is adores this game. It’s the same reaction the “Sleeping Dogs” trailer got at E3, what makes Suda51’s Lollipop Chainsaw epic and why do people praise Suda51 until Lollipop Chainsaw came out officially I’d never heard of him.

  • timq3dimensionscom

    I just recently knew there was a live-action adaptation of the movie. I’m looking forward to seeing this live-action adaptation of the film. Please provide a link if possible. Much thanks.

  • supernerd567

    I am a mother trying to find a show for my sons friend.
    -alot of action
    -possibly superpowers
    -character dating girl
    things that a teenage boy would like, all plugged into a cartoon.