Lead Artist, Nate Wells, Leaves Naughty Dog

Marking the third departure from Naughty Dog in the span of a-month-and-a-half, Lead Artist Nate Wells has left Naughty Dog to pursue a career with the independent studio behind The Unfinished Swan, Giant Sparrow.

Nate Wells joined Naughty Dog back in 2012, and after devoting two years to the studio, including 10 months of work on The Last of Us, he revealed yesterday in a tweet that he has left Naughty Dog to work with Giant Sparrow.


It’s shocking and a little unnerving to see so much turnover at Naughty Dog recently; with the departure of (Uncharted) Creative Director and Writer Amy Hennig, and (Uncharted) Game Director Justin Richmond, fans are left to wonder what the status of Uncharted for the PS4 is and simply, what the heck is going on over there?

As much as it pains us to see some of the Dogs part ways, we wish them well on their future endeavors!

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