Latest Overwatch Update to Include Server Browser

Cheers, loves, more support is here. In another developer update video, Overwatch’s game director, Jeff Kaplan, discussed upcoming features coming to the popular and critically-acclaimed hero-shooter. The biggest addition being the introduction of a server browser.

The video begins with Kaplan discussing at length the function of a server browser. The feature was commonplace in shooters from the 90s and 2000s as it allowed players to actively seek out certain games hosted by certain players in certain regions. Kaplan went on to explain that this browser would also include the ability to modify the game’s rules and settings for that server. Ideas like giving a certain hero triple the normal amount of health or reducing a certain character’s ability to have no cooldown at all.

Kaplan continued to express why the team decided to give the team this much control. He went on to say that it would be completely untenable for the development team of Overwatch to make every single possible variation on certain modes to accommodate certain parts of the player base themselves, so they have decided to give the tools to their passionate fans and will simply watch to see what catches on.

The video also came with several other announcements regarding quality of life updates. One of those announcements was the confirmation that the Capture The Flag mode introduced in the game’s Chinese New Year event will now be a permanent game mode under Custom Game options. Also you and other players will be able to earn experience points and loot boxes while playing these custom game types.

These announced features are currently available on PC versions of the game via its Public Test Realm and there has been no confirmation of these features coming to the console versions.

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