I Jumped Back Into Destiny and These Are My Thoughts

Some multiplayer experiences can be very intimidating to some players, and Destiny is no different. I put down Destiny in November of 2014 and I didn’t pick it up again until recently.

I wasn’t necessarily intimidated by the game itself but more so by the community and the people that have put in well over 1000 plus hours of gameplay. Can I compete in PVP? How much time will I have to invest in this game in order to have fun? These are questions that I asked myself before starting to play again. I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way so I would like to provide some insight into the experience that I had jumping back into Destiny.

Destiny Game

I finished the main storyline and decided to put the game down at that point but my friends kept telling me that this is when the game truly starts to get good. After experiencing the end game, I have to agree with them here.

The campaign was lackluster at best. The raids, Strikes, and crucible are where this game truly shines. This game is all about the loot and once you are hooked, there is no turning back. This type of game is not for everyone but I have found that I am really enjoying the game this time around.

destiny 1

Destiny feels more like a new experience now than it did when I decided to stop playing. I had a level 20 Hunter and when I jumped in I had a hard time deciding what to do. It was overwhelming at first but my advice is to get into a routine with Destiny. Go in each day and do what works best with you and whatever friends you are playing with. This will help you yield the best results as far as gear and weapons are concerned. Make sure that you have others to play with because Destiny can feel really empty when you are playing alone.

At the time of this writing there are two expansions for Destiny and each one offers a decent chunk of new content to experience, but it is at a price. A lot of the backlash that the game has received is for this reason. I went ahead and picked them up on a sale and I must say that I am definitely enjoying it. Bungie has taken a great approach to Destiny’s post-launch support. There is no subscription fee but instead they provide paid expansions, and with this they have created a world that is constantly evolving.


The Taken King will be releasing in September and we still don’t have any details on what this expansion will consist of. I am looking forward to finding out what The Taken King offers us and how it compares to the previous expansions.

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