Jet Set Radio Live: Groove To Those Funky Tunes

By mere coincidence, I ran into this wonderful little site called Jet Set Radio Live, a completely free radio station playing songs fit to be featured in anything Jet Set Radio themed.


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For all the negativity Twitter can be exposed to, there’s also good to be found within that community. Such is the tale of how I discovered Jet Set Radio Live. Not a long winded tale but rather a tale about following the right people. Thanks to one of my Twitter friends, they introduced me to the hip radio station and I am forever grateful. Ask anyone who knows me about my feelings towards Jet Set Radio, especially Jet Set Radio Future–I still consider the soundtrack in JSRF to be among the best in the video game industry.

To my surprise, this radio station has only been around since the beginning of this year and it is my hope that this fantastic site grows even more popular. As I mentioned before, Jet Set Radio Live is a free radio station that anyone can visit and jam out to. No subscriptions, no daily fees… just unhinged funky music for our listening pleasure. The music isn’t even just songs found within the games but rather, songs that would go well with said games or the highly wished for sequel.

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And the style used for the site is spot on to what JSRF feels like. The first time I visited JSRL, I could immediately feel the JSRF vibe and that got my respect. It’s one thing to play music similar in style but another thing entirely to actually BE a part of what the cult classic. This site is so on-point, I would believe SEGA themselves had a hand in creating Jet Set Radio Live.

Besides just listening to music and admiring the rotating Future or Classic Graffiti Soul, a chat system also exists to communicate with other fans of the cult classic titles and even to request songs from DJ Professor K himself! Okay, maybe not the DJ Professor K but the person running the site. People can even slightly customize how the site looks for them; changing the rotating icon, choosing to have colors fade in and out or just sticking with a favorite…it’s the little things.

JSRF art
This cool piece of work brought to you by BistroD on DeviantArt.


Oh yeah, for the people who like to collect pins, Future and Classic Graffiti Soul Pins can be found through a link that opens up to the JSRF section on Collecteur. A “digital shopping platform and stylish publication” founded by Giulia Scalese, who is a popular fashion still-life artist. Known by her other moniker The Collecteur, Scalese’s works can be found on her site, her Instagram and has probably been seen by people more than a few times. I say this because she collaborates with some of fashion’s biggest names like Coach, Versace, Calvin Klein and much more.

Long story short, even for the people who have never played Jet Set Radio or its re-imagining, Jet Set Radio Live is a radio station worth looking into; It’s free and may just play a future favorite song. Fans of the cult classics absolutely need to check out this site. And yes, I wrote this entire article while listening to the JSRL radio station. JET SET RADIOOOO!!!

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