Rapper Logic’s Latest Mixtape Features Video Game Inspired Track, “Super Mario World”

Logic - Bobby Tarantino Mixtape

Logic is a rapper known for spreading peace, love, and positivity through his music. On top of that, he is well known for being a huge gamer. It comes as no surprise then that when Logic dropped his new mixtape, Bobby Tarantino, last week,  it featured a track titled “Super Mario World.”

The song itself doesn’t necessarily have much to do with video games except for the 8-bit inspired beat that sounds like something straight out of Super Mario World.

The beat is something quite unique coming from a mainstream rapper and sounds like it would normally come from an underground nerdcore rapper like Mega Ran.

The lyrics themselves are more hype-orientated and Logic mostly messing around but in a good way. The rapper himself has made a point to note that he wrote the song to be performed at his shows. The hook is catchy and simple: “I’m like, oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my God.” It’ll probably be stuck in your head for a while but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

uncharted 4, playstation 4 exclusives
This game is indeed pretty lit.

Logic also decided to randomly give a shout out to Uncharted 4 in the interlude: “Oh my goodness, oh my God/I just beat that Uncharted 4, lit.” It’s safe to say that nobody really disagrees with Uncharted 4 being pretty “lit.”

Bobby Tarantino is available on every music streaming service you can get your hands on. It’s a fun summer mixtape at best. It isn’t anything out of this world like The Incredible True Story record he dropped last year, but it’s certainly worth a listen.

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