Industry Talk: How To Revive Previous-Generation Gaming

  • Michael

    I have already tried the Dead Island mod tool 1.9 but it didn’t work. I am using Logan if that matters.
    I need to lower my level because I want the skill points but I want to be level 2.

  • Mistry

    When your attacked by a zombie on dead island and it says “time to recover” how do you recover? I have 9 mealies but don’t know how to use them in the downed state can someone tell me how please?

  • Harriet W

    Can someone please please help me, I am a 14 year old boy and just under the age limit to get Dead Island myself and I tried to convince my parents to get if for me. I have to money but they won’t let me. Someone please help me. Thanks.

  • Sonny

    Dead Island is in a different setting, is in first person, has fast zombies, has coop, and foar characters

  • Kobe

    I’m at my sisters house and she has xbox live, we want to play dead island, 2 players like we do on left for dead 2. Can i play split screen online or offline with my sister?

  • Moore, Ron

    I beat dead island at a level 42. If i start over, will I still be?

  • Xavier Hawthorne

    Dead island, survival tree please help. I have saved points scared to use because no idea how well It heals I have drunkin master so it would be nice if it healed me a lot while drunk

  • Keaton

    Portal 2 had a free download off Steam. Is Dead Island on Steam and allowing this feature too?

  • stephen m

    In Dead Island, city of Moresby, near the water pump station, I keep seeing “enemy to kill” skulls on my minimap. My girlfriend and I assume they are on the roof, but we have no clue how to get to them. Can anyone help? Maps or videos would be greatly appreciated.

  • Nick

    When i start playing dead island and i click new game it says

    Your gamer profile does not have the
    correct permissions to access
    Xbox LIVE functionality.Please
    change your game type in the online
    preferences menu.

    What do that mean?Please help.

  • fattiemanny

    Im looking for a new zombie game and after a little research iv heard that Dead island is good but id like to hear it compared to some other games, maybe like resident evil,dead space, COD zombies, etc.

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x

    I heard good reviews about both games from friends. I played the first to Gears games and enjoyed them. How is Dead Island? it looks neat from what i seen on gameplay vids and the trailer.

  • Caltel T

    My friend and I play dead island but he gets about half the money and experience as me, the only difference is that I have live so I can play with other people and he doesn’t, but I only play solo. Any suggestions?

  • Travoiz

    Got the game yesterday with the purpose of playing with the misses in the comfort of our home so got dead island coz it had in the green writting that you can have 2-4 players without system link or going online, but cant find the option to do this, are we missing something before i take it back coz the info on the box is wrong and in contradiction of trading standards? Help us……

  • supernerd567

    Because I have a friend who wanted to play dead island with me but I dont know how to add a second player to Dead island with me. Can I? Yes or no? O.o I am very lost!

  • evil chevy

    Me and 2 of my friends r trying to play dead island together and me and one of my friends can connect to the other but we can’t connect to each other why is that? We have tried it before bu it won’t let us, my other friend can connect to both of us but we can’t connect, is it an update or are connection?

  • Armas

    In the xbox game Dead Island, what happens if you didn’t take the antidote (in the lab) when you go to the prison island?

  • morbiusdog

    These codes have seem to become the trend, so I’m wondering if Dead Island needs one.

  • lildevilgurl152004

    Ok, so a ton of people play dead island and have like, 2,000 shotgun rounds. Can anyone tell me how to do it?

  • Sophia C

    I can’t figure out how to start a co-op match on dead island. Is it multiplayer only? Help please.

  • NC Baller

    I have a dead Island disc but it has stopped working at the same spot and I want to try to use it on my hard drive so I don’t need the disc to play can I download the disc data to my hard drive if so then how do I do it?

  • Dark_LovexXx

    I bought dead island and its really boring. How much can i get at gamestop if i want to put it towards gears of war 3?

  • thinkthought

    How can I download non torrent versions of Dead Island, and both Resident Evil 5 and Operation Raccoon City for free?
    Oh it is on PC I forgot to mention that…

  • gail C

    I just downloaded Dead Island from the Xbox Marketplace. I do not have a gold membership, but other people connected to my game via Xbox Live, and the game gave me the option to join other people’s games. I checked, and I DO NOT have Xbox Live Gold.
    I am not using XLink Kai, so I still don’t understand how people are in my game…

  • Milk84

    So,dead island popped out of nowhere,and everyone is like OMG THE BEST GAME EVER without it being a sequel or being released yet. Why did it get hyped so fast without being a sequel?