Hype Machine: Dead Island

Are you sick of zombies? Neither am I!

What I am sick of is random products slapping zombies on the front to make them current and relevant. Give me more lore and “Man’s inhumanity to man”. Give me more conspiracy theories and crazy hyperbolic what-ifs.

Zombie entertainment isn’t about a protagonist dodging waves of zombies until the timer goes off or the rescue team comes and everyone lives happily ever after. It’s about chaos and survival and somehow keeping your wits about you long enough to remain You. There should be an underlying mystery to solve or goal to attain as well.

Don’t get it twisted though; half the fun of a zombie fight is frenzied but careful melee. I’m not interested in some super stealth game of creep around the walking dead (in real life I’d be all for that game, I lack any kind of upper body strength.). I want to use hand to hand combat, guns, bombs, and Molotov cocktails.

All of this, and more can be yours in Dead Island. This game took the time to real us in with a cinematic trailer that  raises questions and stirs emotion. Then they delivered all zombie entertainment should be an more.


– first-person melee combat
– 4 player co-op
– weapon customization
– set on an open world tropical island
– RPG elements for character development
– hordes of gruesome zombies
for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC – Release Date: 2011

The trailer in question:

Check some of their gameplay trailer:

for more info and news, head over to their official blag and news page.

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