HTC Vive Impressions, Homefront Beta, Gamer Purgatory & More | TGF Podcast Ep 002

We’ve got a new episode of The Game Fanatics Podcast for ya! This week Josh and I talk about my hands-on with a VR Game called Final Approach on the HTC Vive, Josh talks about his experience with the Homefront 2 Beta, and being that we’re both basketball junkies, we talk about NBA 2K16 and our thoughts on the NBA All Star Dunk Contest.You know how you have those go-to games that you find yourself playing when there’s a lull between releases? We talk about that as well, and what our guilty pleasure games are.

One of us saw Deadpool, the other is extremely jealous. Guess who? We’ll talk about the movie, all spoiler-free of course.

Here’s the news we talked about on the podcast:

  • Game Trailers Shut Down after 13 years (link)
  • The Division open beta starts next week, 18th for xbox & 19th for the rest, and they’re adding in a lot more content than they had in the last beta (link)
  • Lupe Fiasco VS Daigo in Street Fighter V Launch event (link)
  • Quantum Break dropping on PC (link)

Listen to The Game Fanatics Podcast Episode 002 – HTC Vive Impressions, Homefront Beta, Gamer Purgatory & More

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