Vive Opens Tracker Applications For VR Developers

Two weeks ago, Vive debuted the Vive Tracker, which allows accessory manufacturers to bring new form factors to VR with full motion tracking. Along with that announcement Vive, also stated they would kick-start development of the Vive ecosystem by seeding 1,000 Vive Trackers to the developer and creative community.

As of this week, they are currently accepting applications for the initial batch of Trackers. Applications will be open through February 7th, for developers to state their case as to why their project will bring new things to the VR space.

If you are a creative or developer looking to have a new product in VR, create an API to operate within the VR landscape, or something even more out of the box Vive wants to hear from you!

At CES, Vive showed off Vive Tracker integrations with haptic gloves, the first VR camera, firefighting and baseball training applications, VR rifles for arcade and home use, and much more. These are just a tip of the iceberg for what Vive is envisioning it is only an application away from having them back your vision for the VR space.

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