Horizon: Zero Dawn Review Roundup – What the Critics are Saying

Waking up to many Horizon: Zero Dawn review

Horizon: Zero Dawn doesn’t release until February 28 but the review embargo has been lifted. Reviews have been pouring in since midnight and it’s safe to say that Guerrilla Games may have something special on their hands.

While our review won’t be up until after the release date, here’s what some of the other outlets are saying:

GiantBomb 5/5

Polygon 9.5/10

Gamespot 9/10

IGN 9.3/10

ShackNews 9/10

Game Informer 8.75/10

The Guardian 4/5

It’s quite the glowing reception and just makes the wait that much harder. Does Sony have a new hit franchise with Horizon: Zero Dawn? We’ll know soon enough when it launches exclusively next Tuesday.

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