Heartseeker Skins for 2017 Released: New Icons, Skins, and Bundles

Heartseeker Skins - Lucian

Love is in the air on Summoner’s Rift, and you know what that means! Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and the Heartseeker skins are back in action.

The two new skins for this year are Heartseeker Quinn and Lucian. We’re also being treated with some heart-y icons and dove wards. The other news is that all Heartseeker skins are becoming Legacy content, so hurry up! Don’t worry, though, they’ll be available to pick up before February 15th.

Heartseeker Skins - Ashe

Heartseeker skins were available for purchase at all times last year, but this year they’ll become exclusively Legacy and won’t be available. The event is the last time we’ll be seeing these lovable skins.

Heartseeker Lucian

Heartseeker Skins - Lucian

Lucian is looking flyer than ever with this classy skin. It’s reminiscent of the Debonair line of skins, but he’s really putting his heart into it with a special recall where he gets a valentine. The skin will cost 1350 RP, a nice price to make Lucian look like a fresh prince.

Check it out in-game!

Heartseeker Skins - Lucian in Game

Heartseeker Quinn

Heartseeker Skins - Quinn

Quinn and Valor are bringing in the love with a sweet skin costing only 975 RP. The skin is slightly cheaper than Heartseeker Lucian, but it still delivers some quality looks. Valor is now a lovely white dove and Quinn is sporting a new hairstyle. The recall features Quinn sitting on a swing giving Valor a valentine to send to someone. Could it be Lucian? We don’t know for sure, but it looks likely…

Here’s a closer look in-game.

Heartseeker Skins - Quinn in-game


love-dove-icon heart-icon quinn-icon lucian-icon




These icons are in the shop for 250 RP each. The Love Dove one is able to be bought with 1500 IP as well.


There are a few fresh bundles available for a limited time, so keep them in mind if you’re looking to save some money on the cool Valentine’s Day content.

Heartseeker Quinn Bundle (1200 RP): Includes Heartseeker Quinn and the Heartseeker Quinn icon. (If you don’t have Quinn the bundle is 1931 RP.)

Heartseeker Lucian Bundle (1575 RP): Includes Heartseeker Lucian and the Heartseeker Lucian icon
(If you don’t have Lucian the bundle is 2306 RP.)

Lost Love Bundle (4067 RP): Heartseeker Ashe, Heartseeker Vayne, Heartseeker Varus, Heartseeker Orianna, Sweetheart Sona, Sweetheart Annie, Sweetheart Icon, Heart Key icon, Heartseeker Ward, Bouquet Ward
(If you don’t have all of the champions the bundle is 6051 RP.)

This Lost Love bundle is by far the biggest and best one. Giving the largest discount and all of the Heartseeker + Sweetheart skins makes it a must-buy if you plan on getting them before they become Legacy. Don’t forget that all of these love-based skins, icons, and bundles are going away on February 15, 2017 until next year. If you love any of them, then be sure to pick them up before then!

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