Cloud9 Crushes TSM in a Convincing Sweep in Spring LCS


Cloud9 started the 2017 Spring LCS season off with an amazing start on Friday, giving Team SoloMid a wake up call in a rematch of last Split’s battle.

They started the season fresh with a new jungler Contractz, the only new member of the team, who performed well blowing TSM out of the water. He’s only 17, but the rookie already proved himself with both his Lee Sin and crisp Kha’Zix giving his team the early lead they needed to take the win.

Contractz’s lane pressure was the only thing that secured a close victory in the first match. TSM put up a strong fight with solid objective control, making it a tough match to win for C9. Also Jensen’s Fizz and Bjergsen’s Syndra duked it out in an exciting matchup in the midlane.

TSM pulled a risky move at around the 21 minute mark by attempting an early Baron, but their plan was thwarted by Jensen’s eager Fizz who picked up a triple kill (he also finished the game without any deaths). TSM still got the buff, but they couldn’t accomplish much with it.

Later on, at around 35 minutes into the game a fight broke out behind the Baron pit. Smoothie positioned himself in a nice spot allowing him to rack up the damage on TSM and collect a double kill with his ultimate.

Let’s not forget about Contractz though. He put up a good fight in the second game as well, controlling the early game with his sporadic Lee Sin. He finished that match with a score of 8/2/10, and you can tell by his score and wild plays that he was a key assistant to that win.

Cloud9 carried Lee’s kickstart momentum to breeze through the game and take the first tower, leading the game by 5k gold at the 25 minute mark. TSM wouldn’t let the catch the win that easily though, Svenskeren stole Baron with Rek’Sai at 28 minutes. But C9 kept going and picked up another three kills and busted into TSM’s base taking the inhibitor on their way out.

Contractz's Lee Sin skin choice against TSM

TSM tried one last time to try to make a comeback with WildTurtle’s Ashe doing a continuous stream of damage to C9, but it still wasn’t enough. C9 got a clean ace at Baron, ending the match, and winning the series to kick off their LCS.

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