Hard Reset: Scheduled Release for September 2011

It has been awhile since a really well done dark sci-fi first person shooter came out for the PC. The time for a new compelling first person shooter for PC gaming only, comes this September with the release of Hard Reset. Announced by Flying Wild Hog these game developers are happy to reveal their anticipated game we’ve all be waiting for.

This PC exclusive game will bring players to a very urban haunted future, where humans are about to become an extinct species due to the threat of robotic hordes that roam around the city. Has Hard Reset caught your attention yet? Well if you didn’t guess it already… the robotic hordes plan to completely annihilate the existence of mankind. Sound familiar? Just wait. Watch the trailer below for exclusive game play of Hard Reset:

If that hasn’t convinced or interested you into playing Hard Reset… wait until you check out some of the screenshots below. This title created by Flying Wild Hog’s studio own technology that has brought us extravagant visual effects that bring the game to life. You might recognize some of the stunning effects from games like Bulletstorm, The Witcher 2, Painkiller and many more that these Warsaw based developers have worked on.

Your Team.
Pew Pew Pew!
They Look Very Friendly.

Can’t wait to read more about Hard Reset before it’s release in September 2011? Follow the game on Twitter for regular updates. Don’t forget to stay tuned and register here at The Game Fanatics for more information about Hard Reset’s release.

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