Halo 4 | Champions Bundle DLC Releases August 20th



Early this month, 343 Industries announced the upcoming Halo 4 Champions Bundle at their  “What’s Next: Halo 4 Summer 2013″ Panel. In case you missed the panel’s live steam, you can catch it here. Pay attention, because the details are tasty!

The Champions Bundle will contain three DLC packs, as well as bonus content which includes:


  • Bullseye Pack (Includes Ricochet, a new game type)
  • Steel Skin Pack
  • Infinity Armor Pack
  • Bonus content, including new stances, armor and weapon skins, and a new armor mod

All of this content itself makes the Champions Bundle different from other DLCs we’re used to seeing. Each of the packs listed above can be purchased as a group, or separately. So, if you’re more interested in just the Infinity Armor Pack to get new armor, you can purchase it alone. However, there’s always perks to buying the entire bundle. That’s where the bonus content comes in.

So let’s break it down:


Bullseye Pack



Vertigo is an asymmetrical map that provides a variety of both indoor and outdoor combat. The map leans more to being a basic Slayer and Extraction type of game mode and is best played with anywhere between 8 to 10 players. Vertigo also brings back that dynamic, interactive elemental we are all used to in a Halo multiplayer map. Each base has a trigger point that depletes the shields of all players in range when shot. The map also contains a series of caves on each side as well as three levels of vertically, providing players with several different routes for attacking each base.

I personally can’t wait to get into this level to explore it and see just how well triggering each base to deplete shields of my enemies. Interesting to see how it’ll really work out in a competitive match.




Pitfall, a remake of The Pit and possibly one of the best, mid-sized Halo maps of all time is making a return as a new addition to Halo 4‘s already big playlist of maps. Pitfall is medium-sized symmetrical map. Even though it’s a remake, it’s been added with some updated features that bring a whole new elemental to the old school Halo 3 map. Strategically placed crates and ledges provide a new play style that will make it easier to bounce around the map. Whether you want to play Capture the Flag, Slayer or even Ricochet, Pitfall brings back sweet memories and carnage from The Pit. It’s going to be an instant classic again!



If you checked out 343’s RTX Panel, you know a little bit about Ricochet already. The objective of this new game type is to protect your team’s goal zone (similar to King of the Hill) while trying to score on the opposing goal. You can do this by either throwing the ball, or running it through. Of course, there’s more satisfaction by running it through your enemies.  Running the ball through earns you 50 points while throwing the ball only gets you 20. It feels like Oddball and King of the Hill smashed into one, and probably provide countless hours of tough, fun competition just like Grifball. The Bullseye Pack also includes the Ricochet armor which is pictured above.

Infinity Armor Pack


Three new armor sets await in the Infinity Armor Pack: the classic Mark V armor from Halo: Combat Evolved (yessssssssssssssssssss!), ODST armor and Forerunner armor. I have been waiting for the Mark V armor to make a return – my prayers have been answered! It’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing a lot of players adorned in the legendary Mark V armor as well as the ODST armor. The Forerunner armor itself looks super sleek and amazing as well. I cannot wait to see them in game.

Here’s the in-game details for each set:

MARK V Armor
DESIGNATION: MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor System [GEN1] – MARK V
MANUFACTURER: Materials Group
TESTING SITE: Damascus, Vhalkem – CHI CETI IV

ODST Armor
MANUFACTURER: Cascade Stronghold Technologies

DESIGNATION: MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor System [GEN2] – PREFECT
MANUFACTURER: The Watershed Division
TESTING SITE: Denegroth, West Conamara – EUROPA


Steel Skin Pack

The Steel Skin Pack is inspired by classic steampunk aesthetics and covers all loadout weapons.


Remember when I talked about the bonus content earlier? Well, the Halo 4 Champions Bundle Bonus Content provides players with five new weapon skins, aside from the Steel Skin Pack, eight new stances for you Player Card, five new armor skins: Tracer, Column, Python, Bayonet and Solid. It will also include a sneak peek at the Resistor armor mod, which allows players to retain their full mobility despite taking fire for a few moments. The armor mod will eventually be made available to all players free of charge in Halo 4 Matchmaking. In addition, two more armor mods will be released free of charge. Take a look below for pictures.

Survivor: ejects you out of a vehicle if it’s about to explode.

Recharge: decreases the time it takes for your shields to recharge.



The Champions Bundle makes me very happy to see more customization coming the Halo 4 as a whole. Whether or not you chose to buy the entire Bundle, or individual Packs, 343 Industries has delivered. Unfortunately, The Champions Bundle is not included to those that have purchased the War Games Season Pass. What it does mean though, is that we’re still going to be getting new content down the road from 343 and that makes me happy.

For more details on this news be sure to check out Halo Waypoint. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for constant Halo 4 and Destiny related news @TGF_KingNis!

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