Good 360 Games

A while ago I wrote a list of Good Wii Games, and after I wrote it I was asked, via email if I was going to be doing a similar thing for both the 360 and PS3, and now after the New Year, I have decided to do the next in the trilogy. So, without further ado I present my list of my personal favourite Xbox 360 games, some of these might not be exclusives, but I think that they are better played on the 360. Anyway, peruse at your own pleasure.

5.  Crackdown

Crackdown is a game in which you play a super powered Agent working for The Agency in order to take down the three gangs who have taken over Pacific City through a mixture of bad attitude, gun fighting, driving fast and kicking people in the face while jumping from rooftop to rooftop. If that doesn’t sound fun to you then you have obviously never found the true meaning of christmas. As a super human, you can gain in skills, for example if you shoot lots of bad guys, your gun skill goes up and you get better with aiming, however if you prefer making them taste your size nine, then your muscle will increase and you will hit them much harder and be able to pick up cars to throw at the bad guys. This is a sandbox game, and hand in hand with a sandbox game you have to be able to get around the sandbox quickly, in that game you have two choices. You either drive, which increases your driving skill and the appearance of The Agency vehicles, or you can find agility orbs which help to level up your agility skill and makes you jump higher and run faster. It’s a fun game to play and the fact you can deal justice however you like, but it’s more Judge Dredd than CSI it’s still fun to jump over a drug barons gate and kick him the face and then throw one of his henchmen at him.[spoiler][/spoiler]

4. Fable II

It may have been hyped the hell out of by Peter Molyneux, but it was still a good game. He said that everything would have a consequence but the fact it doesn’t makes the game better, becasue you aren’t worried about your decisions killing things or making you so much of a pansy that a butterfly farting will kill you. The major decisions are all pretty obvious as well,s o you can take you time choosing the right ones. The main part of the game, being an RPG is the leveling system. After a couple of levels, you can pretty much take on the enemies from the next twenty quests pretty easily and you can just relax and admire the scenery and play with your dog.



3. A Kingdom Of Keflings

It’s a downloadable game for the 360 in which you play a benevolent god who helps the people of the tiny world build things and get things. It might sound odd, but it’s just amazing. I played this game solidly for about four hours and didn’t get bored of it. Download it if you have a 360, it’s amazing.



2. Fallout 3

You might say that the first two Fallout games were far better than the third one. But they are different games, the first two are on the west coast of the US, and the third one on the east. This might not seem like it would make much difference, but it did. It allowed Bethesda a free rein to create their own version of the US Wasteland. This meant that many of the people who bought the game, didn’t need to have played the original. It also meant that you experienced the Fallout world again, even if you’ve been playing since the beginning. All this, and the fact that it was a vastly improved version of Oblivion, made sure that this was one of the best games, not just on the 360, but of the current console generation.



1. Mass Effect 2.

You might have been expecting a Halo game somewhere on this list, and when you didn’t see one earlier you were thinking that it might have been top. But, in my opinion, the only good one was the original. Anyway, Mass Effect 2. It’s very good, very very good. It’s got a fantastically strong story which you can’t help but be drawn in by. However, the main judging point of a game, is the gameplay. Compared to the first game, it’s a massive improvement, with streamlined combat and less time spent in the menu. This game should be the template for all sequels. In stead of just improving the bad bits, Bioware improved the entire game. It’s an incredible game.



George Marriott thinks that people need to stop playing games where the only objective is to shoot that guy in the face twenty times, if you either disagree or agree with him, write in the comments or send him in an e-mail at Thank you.

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