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Now, I own a Nintendo Wii, and whilst you will see me bash them repeatedly for their pandering to the casual gamers and that all the games are just badly made with terrible graphics and bad controls, but something must have made me keep playing it and not trade it in. A while ago, me and some buddies of mine tried to think of the best Wii games. After about six we couldn’t think of any more. So instead we narrowed it down to five. This was about six or seven months ago, and since then there have been many releases, but after that we sat down, and after a couple of days of gaming, we still hadn’t changed the list. So in the interest of fairness I decided to sit down and write my own list. So I hereby submit my list of the five game that make owning a Wii worthwhile.

I might say the Wii controls made the game better, this does NOT mean I think they are good controls. But thats something for another time.

5. Super Mario Galaxy

Yes, it’s a Mario game, and there are about 20,000 of them. But the change in it’s location, from a world filled with strange pipes that even a trained plumber shouldn’t go down to a universe filled with really small worlds, some of which contain strange looking pipes that no one would ever jump down. Okay, not exactly fully changed there, but changed enough that it doesn’t seem like one of the many Mario games out their. That isn’t the only thing that changed for the better, the actual gameplay mechanics changed for the better with the move to space. The use of the WiiMote flails to control the fat plumber we have all come to hate………… I mean love. And whilst it might have introduced even more casual gamers to the Wii and to the Mario franchise, it was also a pretty good game.[spoiler][/spoiler]

4. House Of The Dead: Overkill

If you have ever played a House Of The Dead game, you will know what I mean when I say they all seem pretty lame. But Overkill proved that they might been slightly less than sucky. In fact this one, wasn’t bad. It was pretty damn good. Yes, it has more swearing in the than most hollywood movies combined. It was fun to play, me and my buddies wasted weeks on this game, just trying to outscore each other. It wasn’t just the fact the game was less sucky than the previous ones, the controls were so much more streamlined, they actually suited the WiiMote.[spoiler][/spoiler]

3. Metroid Prime: Corruption

I am a massive Metroid fan, so when I first played this game I was probably already biased. But it was even better than I first expected. This was one of the first games I owned on the Wii that made me feel like it wasn’t just a paperweight that if you filled with a swarm of killer wasps would be more family friendly and more intuitive. But then I played this game, and it confirmed that the Wii might have a life beyond the occasional usage whenever the family was around, or whenever we had been drinking. Corruption is one of my favorite games of the past decade and stands tall above Other M.[spoiler][/spoiler]

2. The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

If you were born in the lat 80’s or early 90’s then odds on you played a Zelda game, and it’s also a good bet you will, by extension, have played this game but thats where the majority of the comparisons end. Twilight Princess, like Corruption, has a light and dark side, but it’s far more prevalent in Twilight Princess. When you are in the worlds covered in the twilight you are a wolf. You can smell things out, jump at people and do other cool moves. In the areas cleared of twilight, you are everyones favorite green costumed hero, Link. Where you can throw bombs, use your boomerang and talk to people. Now, this might seem that they were trying to pad the game out, or they were trying to make two separate games and the result would be two halves of a game, that don’t really make a whole game. However, it does. They complement each other perfectly, and the juxtaposition of playing as a wolf and a humanoid thing means that you get to do some fun puzzles. And of course there are dungeons, it isn’t officially a Zelda game until you spend and hour or two trekking a dungeon. But even then, the Wii controls made it different enough to play so as I wouldn’t compare it to any of the other Zelda games out there.[spoiler][/spoiler]

1. Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

One reason why this game is top. You can play a Princess Peach, and take on Gannondorf or Solid Snake or Mario, and punch them in the face, or hit them with a golf club or throw a turnip at them. ‘Nuff said.


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