Ghost Recon Online Open Beta Now Live

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  • Jonny

    hi, i was wondering how long it takes to beat each ghost recon game.

    ghost recon –
    ghost recon: island thunder –
    ghost recon: desert siege –
    ghost recon advanced warfighter –
    ghost recon advanced warfighter 2 –

    if anyone knows, thanks in advance.

  • Arminator

    I may buy Ghost Recon Future Soldier for the PS3. How many people play this game online and is it easy to get into a game, or does it take a minute to find and enter a game?

  • Stevalicious

    I was wondering if i can keep a male and female together in a tank if not attacking one another.Or do i have to get a separate tank for each.Oh and does it matter if my male beta is calm or not.

  • Moore, Ron

    My younger sister has a beta fish which is a MALE, or at least we think. She thinks that the fish is pregnant since she saw these bubbles near the fish or in the tank somewhere. Is it possible? Maybe she came home with a FEMALE beta??

  • joevsyou

    I tried to look up beta readers so they can help me create a story from harry potter that i was planning to do, but the betas that i looked are far from updated i think the recent one raced back from 06. How can i find recent beta readers that are available at the moment without mixing myself with an updated beta readers in any words how can i find someone to help me, now! any suggestions? please?

  • Melanie

    The reason I’m wondering is because I saw recent game play of Ghost Recon and it looked like COD, but I haven’t played the bea]ta. But Prototype 2 looks pretty similar to the 1st.So which one should I buy.

  • Dom L

    My chem teacher told us that electrons emitted from beta decay are different from the electrons you can find in an atom. How are they different? And why are they called ‘electrons’ if they’re two different things?

  • Gundown64

    Just curious because I already bought alpha, but a little worried id have to download and purchase the game again, but in beta, so if you guys wanna let me know, Please do! Thanks.

  • Erfan

    Hey I have a m17x alienware laptop. How do i get the beta scan to register my graphics card cause it runs on two.. When I scan it only reads the crappier card (Intel(R) HD Graphics Family) and not the 560m. The 560m only kicks in when playing a game.

  • Roflcopter

    I just got my beta fish a brand new tank, but it feels very empty because he keeps hiding behind the filter. I’d love to get him some ‘neighbors’ to live with, but I want to make sure that territory won’t be a problem.

    My beta is very aggressive compared to most. Should I just let him live out his days and get more fish? Or are species like guppies and tetras safe to stick in with him?

  • have faith

    I have a beta that used to eat the pellet food I fed it. Now it just pits it out. It will eat other kinds of food, but not that one kind. Is it sick of the pellet food. Also, how much should I feed it?