Get Four Games and Give to Charity with New “Humble Bundle for Android”

  • Armanda.Bastow

    Damn ! Never trust nothing but the best.

  • Royal.Shibley

    Hi there can I quote some of the material from this post if I provide a link back to your site?

  • Angelena.Schnack


  • Danial.Hovorka


  • Salam

    So I’m not the best with downloading games and data and such but I just bought the Humble Indie Bundle V and I was wondering where is the best place I can save it on my computer (windows 64 bit running vista) so that Steam can locate it? Any help is appreciated.

  • Ray D

    And Yet It Moves

    I bought them a while back, just not sure if I have time to play time anytime soon. Perhaps they are 2-5h long, meaning that I can beat one a week even during school? It’s not that I think games are a chore, I love gaming… I just want to be able to play them =)

  • uberfailz

    Currently I have an app which works on Android 1.6 and above. I’d rather not have to rewrite a separate application for Honeycomb and I can’t find much help anywhere. Is there an easy way for me to adapt it to work on Android 3.0+ with a proper tablet interface rather than just magnifying my Android-phone interface. Thanks!

  • Miguel M

    I have an lg optimus v. Since that new google play came out, I have to agree on something on the market. I accidentally pressed decline and the android market disappeared from my phone. How and where do I reinstall it?

  • veemodz

    I have an HTC and i need an app to lock pictures on my android phone. I have a little boy what plays app games on my phone and need to lock some of my pictures so that he is not exposed to them.