Game Fanatics Show Episode 20 – The Game Fanatics Awards

Episode 20 of TGFS is our The Game Fanatics Awards episode!

Charles, Ryan, and a couple of special guests go through 16 of the 31 categories that the fanatical gamers came up with and voted for. Make sure to check out the other 15 categories and winners under the video. Enjoy our last episode of 2012! We’ll be back with more awesomeness in 2013. Thanks for watching and your continued support.

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Best Action Adventure

Assassin’s Creed 3
Hitman Absolution
Sleeping Dogs
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron 

WINNER: Assassin’s Creed 3

Assassin's Creed 360

Best Fighting Game

Dead or Alive 5
Persona 4 Arena
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
Street Fighter x Tekken
SoulCalibur V 

WINNER: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Best Music Game

Dance Central 3
DJMAX Technicka Tune
Just Dance 4
Rock Band Blitz
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy 

WINNER: Just Dance 4

Just Dance 4

Best Racer

Forza Horizon
Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 

WINNER: Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Need For Speed - Most Wanted

Best RPG

Diablo 3
The Last Story
Mass Effect 3
Persona 4 Golden
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Xenoblade Chronicles 

WINNER: Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

Best Shooter

Borderlands 2
Far Cry 3
Halo 4
Max Payne 3
Spec Ops: The Line 

WINNER: (4-Way Tie) Borderlands 2 + Far Cry 3 + Halo 4 + Spec Ops: The Line

 Borderlands 2  Far Cry 3  Halo 4  Spec Ops - The Line

Best Soundtrack

Halo 4
Mass Effect 3
Max Payne 3
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy 

WINNER: Halo 4

Halo 4

Best Sports Game

FIFA Soccer 13
NBA 2K13
NHL 13
WWE 13

WINNER: FIFA Soccer 13

FIFA Soccer 13

Best DLC/Addon

Borderlands Season Pass
Civilization 5: Gods and Kings
Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss
Mass Effect 3
Shogun: Total War 2
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy 

WINNER: Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 360

Best XBLA Game

Double Dragon Neon
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Trials Evolution 



Best PSN Game

Double Dragon Neon
Tokyo Jungle 

WINNER: Journey


Most Difficult Game

Hitman Absolution
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge
They Bleed Pixels
Tokyo Jungle
Trials HD
The Walking Dead 

WINNER: (TIE) Hitman Absolution + Tokyo Jungle

Hitman Absolution     Tokyo Jungle

Best Co-Op

Borderlands 2
Far Cry 3
New Super Mario Bros. U
Nintendo Land
Resident Evil 6 

WINNER: Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 ps3

Best Multiplayer

Borderlands 2
Assassin’s Creed 3
Call of Duty Black Ops 2
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Halo 4 

WINNER: Assassin’s Creed 3

Assassin's Creed 3 ps3

Best HD Remake

Double Dragon Neon
God of War Saga
Jet Set Radio HD
Okami HD
Persona 4 Golden
Ratchet & Clank Collection
Zone of The Enders HD 

WINNER: Zone of The Enders HD

Zone of The Enders HD

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