Game Banter: To Beat a Game

When I say that I will beat a game that means I will destroy the game. There are not that many games out that I have destroyed and I have no intent to do so but when I say that I will get all the achievements, I mean just that.

If a game has online achievements the chances of me getting them are slim. I don’t like playing online that often just because of the people that I have encountered. Now if I play with my friends that’s another story. Sadly with work and real life getting in the way the chances of being online when they are are also slim.

For me, beating a game depends on the game. Some are done once I beat the story. If a game has more than one ending, then I will try to get both endings. If a game has several different endings, like Fallout, then I might try to get some but end up giving up because the number of possible endings is just too great for me to invest my time in.

If a game has one ending and not much else then one play through is all I need and after that the game ends up collecting dust.

However, there are those games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, KotOR, Final Fantasy, that just beg to be played over and over again. Usually once I get all the achievements in a game, I’m done and the game can rest on my shelf. Of course some games get a lot of attention just because their story and characters are so appealing and lovable.

For me, it depends on the game but when I say I will get all the achievements, despite how long it will take and the stress that I endure, it will happen eventually.

This post was part of Gamer Banter, a monthly video game discussion coordinated by Terry at Game Couch. If you’re interested in being part of this, please email him for details.

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