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Destiny 2
Since we know that Destiny 2 will be eventually coming, here’s a compiled list of our five most wanted features in Destiny’s follow-up. Bungie has done a very good job of listening to it’s community and making steady improvements. We hope to see at least one or more of these implemented in Bungie’s round two.

Much, Much, More Storyline

 Destiny 2
When we ask more story line play-through in Destiny 2, we do not mean that they should give us more of the exact same thing from Destiny. We wanted to make that loud and clear. If Destiny was released for the first time today, with all expansions included, no one would complain about the value of the game. Unfortunately, that did not happen. As gamers, we expect a $60 game to provide enough content that it justifies the price tag. I understand the business model of expansions, but it is really expensive and counterproductive. If you bought Destiny and the expansions as they came, you’ve spent $140 already. If you bought Destiny when the latest expansion came out, you spent $60-$80 for everything. What we are trying to say is, “Please give us lots of content upon release!”

4 Player Co-op

 destiny 2
How many times have you gone into a mission, Patrol or Strike and you have one friend that’s left out? This happens more often than we’d like to admit. With 4 player co-op, we could split up and handle objectives simultaneously. More importantly, it doesn’t leave you with an odd man out. This would add a lot of depth to the playability of the game as well. We know that Raids allow six players. This limits us to what we can do with more than two friends, specifically quarantining those groups to Vault of Glass, Crota’s End, Kings Fall, and Crucible action.

Two Player Split-Screen

Destiny 2
It seems like a lot to ask for, but split-screen co-op needs to be in every multiplayer first person shooter game. It seems like the word split-screen has become a four letter curse word in the gaming industry. Now we aren’t developers, so we have no idea what it takes to make split-screen happen. What we do know is if anybody can make split-screen happen, it’s Bungie. Halo was notorious for it’s amazing split-screen. In reference to this time before Destiny 2, we are not talking about four player split-screen though, just two player. My wife and I love to play Destiny. We’re always fighting to see who’s gonna play. We are also not about to drop another couple hundred dollars on a new console and a TV, just so we can play together. If Borderlands can do it, Destiny can too.

Control of Groups From In-Game

Destiny 2
We can’t tell you how frustrating it is to try to coordinate a group using Groups on Adding a second screen is not a convenient or efficient when we try to inform or round people up in our group. The ability to send notifications to group members when they first log in would be fantastic. It would be no different from when you see a notification about SRL races, Strikes, or other new content when you first log in. Obviously, you wouldn’t want it for every notification in the group because then we’d get spammed like no other. Maybe anytime there is a statement by the group leader or a notification that there are new messages. Regardless, a section for Groups in Destiny 2 is a must for the community.

Readable Grimoire Cards In-Game

 Destiny 2
The same that goes for Groups should also be said about Grimoire cards. Grimoire cards holds the majority of Destiny’s story. They also provide history on weapons, races, locations, etc. We would venture to say that maybe 10 percent of Destiny players actually go to and read the Grimoire cards. Bungie really should add a section to the Tower or Reef where we can not only read our Grimoire cards, but also have them read to us. This would be a very nice feature for those looking for more of the overall story not told in the play-through. In essence, Destiny players don’t want to have to use their phone or laptop as a second screen.

Did we miss anything? Destiny 2 could use a lot more features not included here, but these may be the most requested ones.

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