Far Cry 5 Gameplay Has Dogs and Guns | E3 2017

Far Cry 5 Gameplay

In the midst a very strong E3 announcement lineup, Ubisoft has revealed the first Far Cry 5 gameplay footage for the much-anticipated follow-up to last year’s Far Cry Primal. The game is set to take place in rural Montana, where an extremist cult has taken over a small town, cutting off all communication and ties to the outside world. The gameplay footage drops you right in the center of things, taking on a group of baddies at the cult’s church.

While the gameplay appears to be pretty standard Far Cry, the personality and refinements shine through nicely. We’re introduced to several guns for hire, most exciting of which is Boomer, a gun-fetching dog. The environment is gorgeous, managing to capture the feel of middle America nicely with an almost survival horror aspect present thanks to the detritus, strewn bodies, and cult-related imagery everywhere. It also seems that there’s a solid chance Far Cry 5 will place more of a focus on aerial vehicles and combat than previous games did, as a decent portion of the trailer focuses on a plane dropping bombs and laying waste.

Far Cry 5 Gameplay

Whether or not Far Cry 5 is breaking any new grounds or not, it’s shaping up to be a pretty solid installment to the series, and we’re excited to see where the story goes. It doesn’t hurt that the gameplay makes murdering crazies look incredibly fun.

With the release date being February of 2018, there’s still a decent amount of time before we can dive into Hope County, but we’re sure there will be plenty more teases to keep interest piqued.

Far Cry 5 will release February 27, 2018, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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