Fanatical 5 Game Characters With Whom We Fell In Love

As gamers, we spend a lot of time with different video game characters, and knowing these characters strike different feelings within us. Feelings that belong in a Fanatical Five.

We feel hate, excitement, and indifference, but sometimes our hearts will begin to flutter as we get infatuated and sometimes fall for them. Don’t get us wrong, we know the difference between gaming and reality and none of us are going to run off and marry our Nintendo DS. Yet if in some way we can allow ourselves to fall for these characters and send them a funny valentine, we would. Because it’s more appropriate to love a character than a piece of hardware, right?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are our Fanatical Five video game characters with whom we fell in love.


5. Yorda from Ico

Yorda, we spent most of the game holding your hand. Please don’t tell us you don’t feel a little bit of electricity when our hands clasp one another. We beat off shadow monsters together and remember the time I helped you up that windmill puzzle. We almost didn’t make it back in time and our hearts fell as we thought we were going to lose you to the shadows.

In Ico, we woke up confused, not knowing were to go and what to do until we met Yorda. In a large and intimidating castle, we felt lost and worried without her in our sights. Yorda was the reason we trudged through the dank hallways and struggled our way through harsh puzzles. Yorda gave us direction just by being there and we fought like a madman trying to keep her away from danger.


4. Alyx Vance from Half Life 2

Hey Alyx, you know you’re skilled at hacking and breaking into Combine bases, but you just snuck straight into my heart. I didn’t say a word, but you know I try to speak volume with my actions. You were there when I need you and you can handle a gun real well. You’re funny and you know we complete each other. We protect each other and my only regret is I couldn’t tell you how I feel. Because, well, I’m mute.


3. Leon Scott Kennedy from the Resident Evil Series

Is it his rugged handsome looks? Maybe it’s the hair that can’t messed up. No, it’s more than that. Leon is strong, reliable, and if you get caught up by nasty cultists, he will fight tooth and nail to get you back. Nothing will get scare him off because he’s seen it all. Of course, he has that nasty history with Ada, but you can forgive him for that. I don’t need any herbs because you keep our heartbeats stead.


2. White Mage from Final Fantasy

The original Final Fantasy heartthrob, White Mage has been there from the beginning. We don’t know her real name, and sometimes we named her weird names. Hell, we don’t really know if White Mage is a he or a she, but we know without his or her help, we can’t save the kingdom from its unknowable danger.

Vital, loyal and always humble, we hope White Mage would accept our valentine. My heart was beating fast when I met you and you casted slow.


1. Garrus Vakarian from the Mass Effect series

Whether you played male or FemShep, you had a place in your heart for Garrus. I played FemShep and there was no one I wanted to curl up with than Garrus’ hot silicon-based body. Also, chicks dig scars and the bad boy attitude. He’s also funny and can calibrate a mean space cannon.

In the battlefield, he has your back. That collector sneaking up behind you? Garrus nailed it right between the eyes. Besides, if you played as MaleShep, you probably had a bromance with him. Either way, we’re getting him a valentine.

That’s our picks, what’s yours? Which video game character makes your heart skip a bit? Is it Elizabeth from the new BioShock Infinite? What about the cute reporter, Elena Fisher? How about James Sunderland? He’s totally husband material.

Tell us what you think in the comments below. <3

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