Fanatical Five | Top 5 Gaming Accessories for First-Person Shooter Fanatics

There’s no better way to spend the Holiday break than indulging in a little (okay, a lot) of competitive, first person action.  Whether you’re playing online with/against friends in Call of Duty: Ghosts, or playing the single player campaign of Battlefield 4,  there are a few hot accessories that can maximize your gaming experience, and make it that much more thrilling!  I’m here to recommend 5 gaming accessories to add to your Christmas lists this year, in hopes that you, your KD ratio, and your experience as a gamer improves in the best possible way!


Gunnar Optiks Gaming Eyewear

If you’re a hardcore first-person fan and want to enhance your focus on the playing field, Gunnar Optiks are just what you need.  Designed to reduce digital eye strain, protect your eyes, reduce eye fatigue, and improve the visual environments of the game, Gunnar Optiks are definitely worth a second look (no pun intended)!  They are affordable, endorsed by the pros, and come in all different styles.  Check out the Gunnar Optiks Gaming Eyewear here.


KontrolFreek Joysick Pads

Available for both PlayStation and Xbox controllers, KontrolFreek Joystick Pads are designed for winning.  By creating technology that elevates your joysticks, KontrolFreek gives gamers the ability to increase their range of motion, enhance precision, feel comfortable, and improve their skills as a competitive first-person gamer.  KontrolFreek Joystick Pads have been designed for specific purposes and games, ranging in all different colors and designs.  Find out which KontrolFreek pads are best suitable for you by using this comparison guide, and add them to your Christmas list today!


Turtle Beach Headset: Ear Force XP510

For all the gamers out there who want to invest in the most pristine in-ear sound possible, the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510 is one of the best quality headsets that allows gamers to customize the way they hear by introducing Audio Presets. “With the press of a button, you can hear cues like the sound of unseen footsteps in the distance or a weapon being reloaded so you can gain the ultimate competitive advantage. Even increase the screech of tires racing around a track for a deeper immersion experience.”  You can learn all about Audio Presets by watching this video, and read all the specifics on the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510‘s here.


VIZIO 42″ 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar

If you’d rather invest in a surround sound system rather than a personal headset, the VIZIO 42″ 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar is a good, affordable choice.  Winner of multiple “Best Of…” awards, the VIZIO 42″ 5.1 Sound Bar takes performance and immersion to new heights, providing crystal clear sound and creating a more life-like environment whether you’re gaming, watching a movie, or simply listening to music.  You can check out our personal review of the sound bar here and learn all about the features of the VIZIO 42″ 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar here.


SteelSeries Rival Optical Mouse

For the first-person gamers that play on laptops and PCs, feel free to welcome the SteelSeries Rival Optical Mouse to the wonderful world of PC gaming.  Introducing an unrivaled design, new shape, a smoother matte surface, an advanced sensor, and ergonomic buttons, the SteelSeries Rival offers endless customization and fine-tuning such as adjustable CPI, polling rate, angle snapping, and other features giving players the advantage. You can get all the specs of the new SteelSeries Rival Optical Mouse here and pre-order now!

So there you have it, a few nice gadgets you can get for the FPS fanatic in your life. If the person you’re shopping for is more of an Isaac Clarke fan, then check  out Luis’s horror game gift guide to get an idea of what you should get for the horror fanatic in your life.

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