CES 2013 | EA Sports to Launch "MVP Carbon by Monster"

At CES yesterday, one of the world’s leading high-performance audio brands, Monster,   proudly announced that they’re stepping into the gaming accessories space with their debut breakthrough EA SPORTS MVP Carbon by Monster headphone (SRP: $269.95).

This bad boy headphone brings together superior design with maximum comfort and performance for a level beyond unprecedented surround sound with games, as well as a superb audio performance for both music and movies.  This unqiue alliance between Monster and EA Sports results in a new type of headphone that allows the player to immerse themselves for hours without feeling the fatigue and the uncomfortable feeling that comes along with it. This headphone will be available in both white and black at retailers worldwide beginning in February of 2013 – just a few weeks away.



Unique Creative Partnership for Brand New Gaming Headphone

Founder and “head” Monster, Noel lee said, [quote]”Anyone who spends a lot of time involved in the intense world of gaming knows that a truly great pair of headphones can make all the difference, both in terms of performance and sheer fun. To develop such a unique product, Monster could not have a better partner than EA SPORTS. Their insight and expertise into exactly what features and capabilities will benefit gamers most was invaluable in the development process. The result is a new type of headphone that not only provides a much more intense listening experience for gaming – but delivers even more surround sound impact for music and movies as well. Let the games begin!”[/quote]

The EA SPORTS MVP Carbon by Monster is the world’s first headphone to feature Monster HDHS (High Definition Headphone Surround) by AstoundSound, which is a proprietary surround processing method that delivers the most realistic, high def sound for gaming, music and even movies. This goes beyond the conventional 5.1 surround sound we’re used to, and users enjoy this new level of  surround sound impact and intensity without the need for numerous speakers – just one pair of headphones themselves.

When gaming, I’m all about comfort. If I have a pair of headphones that are uncomfortable, it tends to take away from the focus of the game and steer towards the discomfort of the headphones. To ensure comfortable gaming, the EA SPORTS MVP Carbon by Monster headphones feature a easy on-ear and size, as well as a comfortable headband with precision crafted materials to ensure the force needed to keep them firmly in place, while maximizing it’s comfort. For those of us gamers on the go, they feature fold-able arms for easy packing and travel.

Come Febuary, we’ll be able to get our hands on these headphones for a price of $269.95. If they’re anything like what we know of Monster, then they will be well worth the price.


To explore the world of Monster, visit www.monsterproducts.com.

Follow them on Facebook at, www.facebook.com/monsterproducts or Twitter at @monsterproducts

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