Fanatical Five | 5 Scary Games We Want on Next-Gen

It’s that time of year again, the time of year when blood, gore, zombies, and vampires, are socially acceptable things to talk about and dress up as and people wont think you’re a little crazy. If you are anything like myself you love disgusting amounts of gore and undead creatures to the point where people around you tend to question your sanity. I don’t know about you, but I love when my entertainment makes me scream like a little girl in the middle of the night, and forces me to turn on the lights before entering a room in my house. That is why, in honor of Halloween, we have gathered the top five scary games we dare to see on our spooky new consoles.

5. F.E.A.R


Notice how I did not put F.E.A.R 4, because that is not what I want. I want the series to be completely rebooted. The original F.E.A.R was truly something special, a FPS horror game that borrowed heavily from Japanese horror, and was genuinely frightening. The horror elements in F.E.A.R were mainly psychological, it had a way of getting under your skin that few games have ever achieved so well. The problem with this series is it went immediately downhill after the first game, F.E.A.R 2 and 3 were nothing to be excited about. If they could reboot this series and bring it back to its roots on next-gen consoles it could be amazing. It may never happen with Monolith Productions moving on to Shadow of Mordor, but a part of me still hopes they will go back to it someday.

4. The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within

As you read this list you’re going to notice something, a distinct lack of anything Resident Evil. The reason for that is because The Evil Within does Resident Evil better than Resident Evil does. It may be too early to be asking for a sequel, but The Evil Within is a good game despite its missteps. It’s essentially the sequel to Resident Evil 4 that we never got. It manages to be an effective example of a survival horror game, and if they can manage to take the criticism that they have gotten and apply it to a sequel on only next-gen consoles we could have something special.

3. Dead Space 4

dead space

I am going to be honest, Dead Space is my favorite survival horror game of all time. I absolutely adore the series despite it going downhill with the third game in the series (notice a reoccurring theme with horror series never staying good?) A fourth entry that would go back to the roots that the first Dead Space established would be amazing. Dead Space captured the essence of what it means to be a survival horror game perfectly, with slow and tense combat, amazing atmosphere, and horrifying enemies called the Necromorph. I would lose my mind in the best way possible if we got a new Dead Space on these shiny new consoles.

2. Until Dawn

until dawn

Until Dawn is the only game on this list that is not a sequel, and the only one we will actually play fairly soon. The thing that stands out about this is it’s a relatively unexplored plot for video games. Until Dawn follows a group of 8 teenagers as they spend the night in a log cabin on the anniversary of the death of one of their friends, unaware that they are being hunted by a crazed serial killer. It is obviously a very played out idea in the film genre, but it’s actually a breath of fresh air when it comes to video games to see a horror themed game not focused on the supernatural. The gameplay very much feels like your playing a horror movie with a lot of running away and investigating. You play a female main character who is terrified to be in this situation and it’s not exactly trying to shotgun her way out. If this game wasnt on your radar yet it needs to be when it hits stores next year.

1. Silent Hills

silent hills

This choice should be obvious if you have had the privilege of playing P.T. This ingenious idea to announce a new Silent Hill game with a demo that no one knew anything about was perfect; just what you’d expect from Hideo Kojima. This project teaser gave us all the proof we could have needed that this game would be in the very capable hands of Hideo Kojima and not to mention Guillermo Del Toro. This demo was absolutely terrifying, it consisted of your character walking down the same hallway over and over again, and it just slowly breaks you down mentally. I cannot wait to see how Silent Hills shapes up with so much talent behind it and even Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead starring in it. It should prove to be the Silent Hill reboot we have all wanted for a while.

This new generation should be great for Horror fans with the genre starting to make a resurgence in the video game industry. It appears we have a lot to look forward to in these coming years.

So what scary games do you wanna see this generation? Let us know in the comments below and if you are still craving some Halloween content check our Fanatical Five on the scariest enemies in games.


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