Fanatical Fashion | Super Hero Stuff's Wonder Woman Hoodie

Need another hoodie to add to your collection? Want to dress up as Wonder Woman? You know you’ve dreamed of being the luscious Amazonian before. Well.. there is good news! You can check out this amazing Wonder Woman hoodie from Super Hero Stuff and your dream can be fulfilled.

I am a huge Wonder Woman fan. I absolutely love Diana and the awesomeness of her invisible ship. She is a role model and icon for woman. That being said, I was stoked to have a chance to check out this awesome Wonder Woman Hoodie from The hoodie was rightfully designed with Wonder Woman’s stunning famous colors and style. The red, blue, and yellow that is part of her costume was added nicely to this design.

8 Bit Brit Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman Tiara!

The design of the hoodie itself is amazing. The blue, star-filled sleeves really remind me of her costume. The yellow Wonder Woman symbol completes the yellow pockets of the sweater. Also, in case you didn’t know… the actual hood has Wonder Woman’s tiara attached. How awesome is that?

Super Hero Stuff’s Wonder Woman hoodie is absolutely an amazing gift for any DC or comic fan. The sweater has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on their site from costumers and that says a lot!

“Made from a 55% cotton, 45% polyester blend, featuring Wonder Woman’s iconic WW emblem in the center of its double-pocketed, zip-up front, this hoodie is a must for fans of the iconic super heroine.”

The cost of the hoodie is $54.99, a little more than the average hoodie, but what can you do? The price is worth the design and awesomeness that is this Wonder Woman hoodie. Like I said before. It’s not everyday that you can dress up as Diana! If you order this hoodie make sure you check out the sizing chart before you purchase! The hoodie’s sizing is in juniors.

I love wearing this sweater. I get numerous compliments all the time I am out with it on. I feel awesome. I feel empowered showing off my super hero pride and I definitely have all the feels for Wonder Woman. So if you want to share those same feels as I do! Go to and check out all their Wonder Woman gear and this hoodie!

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