What to Expect from the PlayStation Meeting

The last time Sony held a PlayStation Meeting, we were boldly introduced to the PlayStation 4 and it was filled to the brim with special guests and mind-blowing demos. How could anyone forget that still impressive Deep Down trailer? Will it resurface this Wednesday? Sony has been leaking uncontrollably these past couple weeks but it’s safe to say they have some big surprises left to share. From game announcements to the unveil of their next big hardware refresh, Sony has a lot of cards to play with come this Wednesday.

PS4 Slim

The PS4 Slim is apparently out in the wild, perhaps Sony is planning a low-key launch to replace current standard PS4s? It is quite odd as there’s even a full review up online with indisputable footage of the device itself. I expect an official announcement on the day of the meeting or even before, it obviously exists, so why not just acknowledge it? It could be because Sony may have a big price announcement to go along with its reveal. $249.99 anyone?

Game Announcements

I have a feeling we’ll get a return visit from the guys over at Blizzard. They announced Diablo 3 for PS4 at the previous meeting back in 2013 so why not shock the industry by announcing Diablo 4 as a simultaneous release for PC and PS4. I thought Diablo 3 on PS4 was an absolute blast and I was completely new to the franchise. I can see Diablo 4 on PS4 doing extremely well especially if it’s as well optimized for consoles as its predecessor was.

blizzard ps4

Media Molecule will almost certainly make an appearance along with an updated look at Dreams which, coincidentally, also debuted at the 2013 meeting.  Noticing a trend? Maybe we will in fact witness the improbable return of Deep Down. If Capcom shows up on stage, I will probably faint but if they do it’ll most likely pertain to Street Fighter 5.

I also expect a new look at The Last Guardian and Horizon: Zero Dawn, 2 major exclusives hitting PS4 within the next 6 months. As far as even bigger surprises go, Rockstar can miraculously appear and announce a new Red Dead Redemption but let’s try to keep our expectations in check.

PS4 Neo

The rumor mill has been spinning nonstop for the Neo and it’s not hard to see why. With Microsoft dropping the gauntlet with their Scorpio announcement as well as their Xbox One S which playbacks in 4K, how can Sony stand pat and not do anything? Granted, the PS4 has been selling like hotcakes with no signs of slowing down but Sony does not want to lose their coveted, “most powerful console in the world” moniker to their competitor. The specs for the Neo have been, for the most part, known to circles who fish for intel like this but there’s been nothing concrete from Sony and nothing really definitive as of today.

playstation meeting

There are even people saying that Sony might do a late-upgrade to the Neo just to compete with Microsoft’s beastly Scorpio, a feat that even the mighty engineers at Sony may not be able to pull off I’m afraid in such a short time-frame. Then again, what if Neo isn’t meant to go toe-to-toe with the Scorpio? There will be a big blowout at the meeting for PS4 Neo and we’ll see what it can really do. By now the only question which remains is will it look sexier than the Xbox One S?

What do you think we’ll see at the PlayStation Meeting this Wednesday? Are you expecting a big showcase or a smaller affair? Leave your thoughts down below.

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