Evil Controllers Launch Gears 3 Controller Preorders

If you don’t know who they are, Evil Controllers is a company that sells controllers that have been modded in some way. Some of them might have a turbo button, others might have LEDs. Whatever your modding desire, chances are there’s a controller for you. And if there’s not, you can have one built from scratch. They also have parts if you’re a DIY modder.

Anyway, Evil Controllers has a special Gears of War 3 themed Red Skulls controller coming out Monday, but they’ve announced that due to demand, they’re taking preorders for it! If you’re in the market for a special controller that falls outside the boundaries of the norm and you love Gears of War, then this might be for you.

The first thing you might notice about the controller is that the normally colorful face buttons have been replaced with bullet shells (9MM Luger Federal Commercial, to be specific). The real shiner is the complete removal of a directional pad. Instead, you’ve got quick-access buttons. Instead of making sure your disc-based D-pad selects the right weapon for the job, the four buttons that replace the D-pad make it easy as pie to go from grenades to lancer to hammer of dawn. The D-Pad works for other games too. Any game that uses the compass directions can take advantage of the D-Pad.

The controller retails for $79.99 and if you preorder, shipping is free. Keeping with the modding mindset, you can send your stock controller in to get custom thumb sticks, face buttons, gameplay mods, and anything else they have available. You can also order a DIY kit that includes the Evil D-Pad, Evil thumbsticks and a Torx tool to tear your controller apart.

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