Far Cry Insanity Invades Minecraft!

This week, Ubisoft released a huge map and texture pack inspired by Far Cry 3 for Minecraft which is now for FREE on the PC!

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CD Projekt RED presenting The Witcher 2 Modding Tool at Gamescom

Award winning developers of The Wither 2 will be attending this year’s Gamescom 2012 to present us with REDkit. REDkit is one of the best tools for …

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CES 2012: Ben Heck Turns the iPhone Into A Dedicated Handheld Gaming Device

CES isn’t simply for big companies to showcase brand new hardware, it’s also a venue for the technologically gifted to demonstrate new and creative ways …

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Evil Controllers Launch Gears 3 Controller Preorders

If you don’t know who they are, Evil Controllers is a company that sells controllers that have been modded in some way. Some of them …

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