Epic to reveal new IP at GDC 2011

  • Sonia Gourley

    Hi! I’m hunting for any individual who wants to play Medal of Honor, previous or new I Am seeking to gather 23 individuals to perform online. I would favor it if you have a microphone to talk with your fellow players. I know its an aged game, but its even now fun. I Am seeking to taking part in Hardcore mode because of its variety. My PSN is Gegadrone, please speak to me with a friend request or concept if you would desire to play. Have a good day.

  • Scott Bull

    Call of duty 3


    Call of duty black ops?

  • Phillip123

    I mean when you answer a question, then people answer in some way, then you want to add additional details ^-^ I like to go on yahoo on my iPod too

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again

    So I write normally right here. When I add more details after posting the question, it shows as this part here. Then, this text goes in the additional details section! Why?