EA Suspends Development on Battlefield 3: Aftershock

  • jdubdoubleu7704

    I lately became a large enthusiast of Aftershock Hot & Cold which is a Cinnamon flavored liqueur! It is most likely the best liqour i have ever had, and now they are discontinueing the Green (Thermal Bite) Aniseed flavor! Can any person inform me why?

  • Joanne Mefford

    I just lately became a massive fan of Aftershock Very Hot & Cold which is a Cinnamon flavored liqueur! It is possibly the ideal liqour i have ever had, and now they are discontinueing the Green (Thermal Bite) Aniseed flavor! Can any individual inform me why?

  • Tia Zuehlke

    Neighbors that often pound on walls extremely really hard there is an aftershock?

    I by now talked to all people that could help, so do I hold conversing to the manager?

  • Patty Guest

    I’ve heard that when people consume aftershock on a night out it crystalizes in your stomach. Then the following day when you consume h2o to heal your hangover, you experience drunk again! Is this a load of rubbish or is there some fact in it?

  • PillowMan1234

    i mean wat are some small companines that made good game but nobody ever likes talks about that game company, like Rovio Mobile ( angry birds creators )

  • Ev dog

    The color of these wire’s are as follow’s I have 4 of them red, black then white.and finally a blue wire with a white stripe thank’s
    And yes these are the power wire’s for hook up

  • Courtney

    I have used Zinio app before and is a bit unsure of whether or not I really like it. The problem with Zinio is that sometime it does not download the previous magazines but will download the newest one. This occurred when I accidentally deleted my Zinio app. So, I wonder if there is another app like Zinio, a better alternative?

  • maskills24

    My mom just got an iphone and wants an app that i have on my ipod. You have to pay for it so i thought why not just give it to you without having to pay. Every time i clicked the app and dragged it from itunes to my mom phone it would start downloading all the apps onto her phone. How do i just have one go to her phone?

  • Salam

    Is there an app that really works to see which facebook users are viewing my profile in detail? I have tried many and they don’t work and seem to be only a scam. Would appreciate any tips or anything that actually is legit. Thanks.

  • tjpimpin

    I want to get an app for my ipod touch so I can keep track of my stats and my score. The app must have a stat keeper and scorecard. Also the app has to be free!

  • ademuth93

    I heard there was an app that can secretly take picturesor videos of someone from
    Your phone but if they look at your phone , it shows you playing a game
    Or doing somethin else but inreality ur actually recordin them
    Or Take a pic. Does anyone know Whats the app called ? :/

  • Jenna

    I have an LG Optimus on the Android Market and I dont know what app I need to be able to change the text message ringtone on the phone. The phone itself doesn’t have this capability.

  • NC Baller

    I recently jailbroke my Iphone and downloaded a cracked app. The problem is this app requires me to register so I can get a username and password to use this app. Question is if I were to do that will the company that made this app know that I am using a cracked version of their app?

  • Jack Bauer

    I have an alarm clock app that won’t let me wake up to music unless the app is running in the foreground.

  • Noe R

    I’ve been trying to find sheet music for songs I would like to learn on piano from my phone. But most apps ask me to either buy the same music all over again or to download it. Is there any app where I can get free sheet music from the songs I have on my phone?