E3 2013 | Forza 5 and the Boys are Back

While at E3 2013, the design lead from Turn 10 announced that all three hosts from BBC’s Top Gear will be apart of Forza 5.

In Forza 4, Jeremy Clarkson was featured in the Autovista mode that dove into the twenty-six cars that came with Forza 4 at the start. With Forza 5, not only do we have Jeremy Clarkson, but we also have Richard Hammond and James May. Instead of getting one sarcastic voice, we’ll get three. Shame that The Stig doesn’t speak, I would assume he would have a lot to say about the hundreds of cars that Forza 5 will have. Turn 10 will be releasing more information on Forza 5 and how the Top Gear guys will play their part in the game as the months towards the launch in November gets closer.


Forza 5 will be a launch title for the XBox One, a game exclusive to the system. It is the sixth Forza game in the series. Top Gear is a reality car show based out of the UK.

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