Deus Ex: Human Revolution "The Missing Link" DLC Released

Square Enix has released the first downloadable content (besides the DLC item packs) for Deus Ex: Human Revolution today. “The Missing Link” takes place during the 3 days that Adam Jensen was “traveling” during the game, and what he runs into, he definitely didn’t ask for (sorry, had to). Jensen is stripped of his augmentations and has to survive without them with whatever he can find, as he discovers more to the story and conspiracy on board the freighter. This gives players a chance to redo their augmentation choices with their praxis kits.

“We are thrilled to bring Deus Ex: The Human Revolution – The Missing Link to fans,” said David Anfossi, producer of the DLC. “This unique DLC provides an enhanced Deus Ex: The Human Revolution experience with deeper insight into the conspiracy, visual improvements, new characters and enemies, and a twist on some gameplay elements.” 

“The Missing Link” is out now on Steam, PSN, and Xbox 360 for the price of $15 (or 1200 Microsoft Points on the 360). It supposedly brings around 5-6 hours of gameplay to the table, so hopefully it’s worth the slightly painful price.

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