Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gets the Download Treatment

  • ilikepizza123


  • Greo0

    this Gaming News sucks…

  • Roslyn Pasley

    i acquired my duplicate from a retail shop and the dilemma is every time i click on on the deus ex human revolution.exe file i get the error (the application failed to initialize effectively 0xc0000005).so what could be the issue,a resolve would be really significantly appreciated.

  • mendhak

    I am incredibly interested in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but simply don’t have enough money to buy it. So I would like the closet thing that is cheaper.

  • Lasagna delivery guy

    I just got the game yesterday in the mail.The conversation system is fun but I’m not even done with the first level (corporate plant) and already I got a headache from all the sneaking and avoiding fights.

  • sakyue1993

    It is not Eliza Cassan, but that girl with the weird hair that has the cloak that comes up right after seeing Eliza Cassan. I tried 10 times before going down to easy, and it’s still hard. I have put emp grenades by the generators to bring her health down, then shot around 100 heavy rifle bullets at her, and she hasn’t died yet. How do I beat her?

  • Andrew S

    I want to buy Deus Ex: Human Revolution but I’ve never played the first game. Is it necessary to have played the first game to be able to enjoy Human Revolution without missing out on vital bits of story? If so, where can I get a good recap of the events in the first game?

  • Random

    I have been waiting to upgrade to buy this. Super excited since the last video game I played was the original Deus Ex.

    But I don’t want to waste money. Has anyone tried this game with Mountain Lion? Any problems?

    I asked Feral a few days ago, but they said they could not comment since the final Mountain Lion was untestable for them at that point.

    Any help, much obliged!

  • Peter

    Hey every one, i am playing Deus Ex Human Revolution, the Bar Tab mission, can any one out there tell me the three passwords you need to hack the system, i am just unable to hack it…. Thanks

  • Michael C

    I bought Deus Ex: Human Revolution and it came with a “Tactical Enhancement Pack” DLC and I downloaded it and when I started the game, at the menu it came up that the DLC was added but when I loaded my saved game, I didn’t have any of the stuff and nobody came up telling me where to get it…Please help…

  • Kevin

    Such as Mass Effect, Ratchet & Clank, etc. There are games with storylines that you can replay with all of your items, equipment, weapons, current level and all that good stuff. After you beat Deus Ex: Human Revolution can you keep all of your augments and all the stuff you have?

  • Michael K

    I’m wondering because it has a 30-40 hours gameplay is it a ‘free roam’ game as this will decide if I get it ? And also is it worth getting?

  • Mark M

    The commercial is around 30 seconds to a minute in length, and he starts of saying “I never asked for this…”. Then the song starts playing, with a female vocalist. I’ve been trying to look everywhere for the commercial in order to find the name of the song, but still no luck. Hopefully someone here can help me out.

  • Shay H

    I bought the game and all it wants to do is download it via Steam
    It says it has 8 gb to download

  • jdubdoubleu7704

    im at the part where you break into the compound. there is a huge robot i cant seem to kill. is there a trick to this part?

  • Melanie

    i can take care of all the enemies but i can’t destroy the robot as i don’t have an rocket launcher or emp there anything on the map i can use to destroy it?

  • clntvrrt

    I have money for bf3.mw3 and the others coming out but i want to get a game now.
    Is deus ex any good? is it worth the money?

  • uberfailz

    Bear in mind I am asking about the XBOX 360 edition.
    I don’t get quite what u mean by it will? So it downloads updates regularly then, is it the same for the xbox version?

  • stephen m

    i bought my copy from a retail shop and the problem is whenever i click on the deus ex human revolution.exe file i get the error (the application failed to initialize properly 0xc0000005).so what could be the issue,a fix would be very much appreciated.