Detroit: Become Human Won’t Happen in 2017

Despite the presence of Detroit: Become Human in a PS4 2017 sizzle reel trailer, it seems we won’t be playing it in 2017.

It was, probably, too juicy to be true. Detroit: Become Human made its appearance on a video released by PlayStation Europe, featuring great exclusive titles for 2017. This was quite surprising to some of us since the next game from Quantic Dream had fallen in a sort of silence since the E3 2016 trailer. Now we know this is a product of a mistake more than an official declaration and that Detroit: Become Human won’t be releasing any time soon.

When talking to a fan on Twitter, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida has simply acknowledged that this was a mistake on the part of PlayStation EU. It could well be that Sony commits to a more concrete (and real) release date that includes the end of 2017. However, it’s safest to assume that the game is still under development and we will need to wait a little bit more to see it finished and in a playable state.

By the way, the announcement does not touch upon Detroit: Become Human alone. The game Dreams, from Media Molecule, is also affected by this slip and could be slated for a later release.

Detroit: Become Human

The next sci-fi title from Quantic Dream has been on our radars for quite a while. It originated from a short movie project called Kara. This one received such a great deal of attention that its creators eventually decided to pull out the narrative strings and create a whole world for her and others like her. And that’s because Detroit: Become Human revolves around the figure of androids and their places inside society.

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