Detroit: Become Human Confirms Its Release Window

Become Human

Paris Games Week is granting us not only incredible trailers to keep us dreaming but also, very desired announcements. Since news about Detroit: Become Human surfaced, we have been following closely the trajectory of Quantic Dream’s next game. Now Sony has confirmed that, while there’s no concrete release date just yet, they do have a release window in place.

The announcement came after releasing the latest game trailer to the world (which we encourage you to watch, by the way). As it seems, Detroit: Become Human is slated to arrive in stores during Spring next year. Like with their previous games, Detroit will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

This new time window closes some rumors that were placing its release by the end of this year. No, we still have to wait a handful of months to lay our hands on this ambitious and interactive title. But we are willing to wait, after getting the last taste of it. Go and judge for yourselves:

Looking Forward to Detroit: Become Human

Everything started in 2012 with a short movie project called “Kara”. Maybe unexpectedly back then, the demo already laid the foundations of Quantic Dream’s next game. A futuristic world full of lifelike androids, all of them manufactured with the sole purpose of serve humankind. And amidst all of that, a fatal spark of consciousness, which seems to affect not only Kara but potentially, a great deal of these androids.

Everything we have seen from Detroit: Become Human evokes the best Quantic Dream has so far produced. Branching decision-making, compelling narratives of pain and survival and layered individuals. All of that topped with top-notch facial animations and outstanding environments.

Whatever they have in stock for us with Detroit: Become Human, we’ll be waiting for more.

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