Demo for Final Fantasy XIII-2 Out Now

  • Muzahid

    I love final fantasy but then I hear that a FFXIII and a FF vs. XIII is coming out. Is there any difference between both of them?

  • Travoiz

    In the end of Final Fantasy XIII when their I’Cie marks are wiped out do they lose all their magic? Do they also lose the power to summon their Eidolon?

  • kerrin marz

    I got this new phone for free on a great deal last week and want to uninstall the demo games, but I can’t find a way to uninstall things that came installed.
    I checked the battery usage and it said 97% went to a demo game, that I loaded once accidentally, so whilst this is probably not true, I want to delete them all the same.

    Thanks for a terrible answer Joker

  • Ryan Dunn

    I’m looking into buying the game Final Fantasy XIII, and I want to know your opinion on which system it looks better on – Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Thank you.

  • Jesse

    I am considering purchasing a set of Ping golf clubs/irons. I can buy a set of “demo” irons for less money than a new set. Other than the fact that the “demo” set is used and the specification info is stamped on the toe of each iron, is there any other difference between the two sets? Thanks, Denny

  • Jenna

    Demo version contains only 15 q and answers. How to crack this engine to get into full version.

  • Noe R

    I have a psp-3000 and a PSN account. I really want to download a Demo for my psp coz I’m planning to buy a umd. Will you please give me some instructions on how can I download demos in the PSN? Thanks.
    Also, I don’t have a wi-fi connection.