Dead or Alive Day

  • Yulgair

    Thanks for this!

  • Noe R

    dad here.
    i wish we had a stronger relationship.

  • Scott W

    Even though i am not particlarly religious, I would choose Jesus. The wisdom you could learn from him in 24 hrs. would take you a lifetime to learn.

  • superdork

    Hi has Tecmo Team Ninja has any news about DOA 5 for next year? I do know that the creator of DOA guy he got fired. Will there be DOA5? Thanks!

  • ibjammin44

    I don’t like racing games. i have Halo 3 Fable 2 Doa5. I like games like viking battle of asgard

  • NC Baller

    i would like to know if three days grace is still alive
    are they

  • Travoiz

    Which one will you be getting or are you getting both? I’m probably going to get both, but honestly I’m getting DOA5 first! I would like to say that the fighting is so much more intense and instinctively thrilling. You never know what’s going to happen due to stage environments and countering. I also enjoy the fair difficulty of DOA and balanced juggle system. The only Flaw of DOA is detailed characters which they’re improving in DOA5 thankfully. Tekken tends to be a casual fighter for me honestly. It’s one of those games I’ll play if I never played it in a long time just because I brought it for that exact reason lol. Tekken can be fun, but it’s so time consuming due to the ridiculous amount of difficult and as a result this leads to practice mode to improve. At the same time DOA is not easy either, but at least yo ucan catch on faster than that of Tekken.