Comixology SXSW Self Published Sale

In honor of the first anniversary of Comixology’s Self Publish Program, they are having an incredible sale, 100 books for $10. That’s huge. The books range in topic and type, but when you’re getting one hundred books for less than what three or four books retail print books would cost, you’re bound to find something you’ll like.

Here at The Game Fanatics, we are big fans of Comixology’s Submit program. It allows small creators to create books and post them on Comixology for no cost. Submitters and Comixology split profits, and the creators retain full rights. Given Comixology’s large userbase and multiplatform approach, this is a fantastic deal for creators. The print market has never been easy to get into, and with the recent rise of digital distribution, it’s a great alternative way for creators to get their start.

So check it. one hundred comics for ten dollars is a fantastic entertainment value, anyway you put it. If you’re a creator looking to take advantage of the program, check here. For the full Submit catalog, check here. Drop us a comment if you decide to pick it up and what you think of the selections therein.

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