The Comic Fanatic: Week of 7/11- The Walking Dead, Uncanny X-Force, American Vampire, Avengers VS X-Men

Welcome back, True Believers! We have a couple very notable comics for you, namely The Walking Dead #100 and Uncanny X-Force #27. For the full lowdown on The Walking Dead, check my review here. The short version is: well written, but I didn’t like it. Didn’t think I was supposed to, though.

On the other hand, Uncanny X-Force IS a great issue, I loved it a great deal, despite a notable similarity with The Walking Dead. This is part 3 of the Final Execution arc. This is a really well written, tragic and emotional issue. I supposed it’s redundant to say, but Remender is a heck of a writer. The new Brotherhood of Evil is targeting the X-Force, and our good guys are faced with enemies who know their every move, knows what makes them tick. Also, they’ve kidnapped Evan (Kid Apocalypse). Final Execution is shaping up to be one amazing story, and I can’t wait for the next issue, and it looks like we’re in it for the long haul, Remender has said it’s a ten-part arc. Similar to The Dark Angel Saga. Make sure you stay tuned to Uncanny X-Force (as always).

Next we have Avengers VS X-Men VERSUS #4. This issue features Psylocke VS Daredevil and Thor VS Phoenix-Emma. This was a fun one, especially the first fight. Psylocke and Daredevil are about evenly matched, and both are ninja-esque. I also liked how it was written, it switched between Matt and Betsy’s internal narrative, with Matt’s thoughts appearing in red, and Betsy’s in purple. Very well written. By Rick Remender. Who thought it would be a good idea for him to write Psylocke’s fight? Oh, right. EVERYONE. The Emma/Thor fight is good, and an interesting ending. Do pick this one up.

Also do yourself a favor and pick up American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #2 (of 5). This issue weaves Lord Dracula into the mythos of the AV universe, and it’s impressive. Snyder does a great job of weaving real world events and stories into the fictional universe, as he has done in the past with the main American Vampire run. There’s a lot of history and set up in this book, but it’s all rather interesting, especially if you’re in to Dracula and the general lore of the American Vampire world. This is also a fantastic looking comic. Dustin Nguyen does a really good job. By now you should know, if Scott Snyder writes it, you read it.

The last one I have for you today is Wolverine and the X-Men #13. This Avengers VS X-Men tie-in is told from Warbird’s point of view. The Shi’ar have their clash with the Phoenix Five, and it doesn’t go well. This issue does a good job if giving a great deal of depth to a previous static character. It also show how powerful the Phoenix Five can be. While I will be ready for Jason Aaron to be given free reign and not have to tie into the event, his tie-ins have been great.

Until next week, True Believers!

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