The Comic Fanatic – 11/8: Uncanny X-Force, Age of Apocalypse, Avengers Academy, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Iron Man

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Comic Fanatic! If you haven’t already, check out my review of Deadpool #1. It’s got  Deadpool fighting zombie presidents. Quite a …

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The Comic Fanatic: X-Force Special

And we’re back! Sorry about going AWOL the past few weeks. Work has been significantly busier than usual, but have no fear. The Comic Fanatic resumes its …

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The Comic Fanatic: Week of 7/11- The Walking Dead, Uncanny X-Force, American Vampire, Avengers VS X-Men

Welcome back, True Believers! We have a couple very notable comics for you, namely The Walking Dead #100 and Uncanny X-Force #27. For the full lowdown on The Walking …

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Top 10 X-Men Stories, Part 2 (5-1) (Avengers VS X-Men)

Welcome back, for the conclusion of my favorite X-Men stories. If you’re just joining us, be sure to check out part one. So, without further hesitation, …

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