A Brief Chat With Tyson Gifford of Operation Rainfall

  • Tanlaithial

    This shit rocks!

  • juanmelk

    I really hope they keep doing stuff like this for future Nintendo titles.

  • Abbey Spencer

    i want the controls for the two traditional and standard controler with nunchuck
    itll support me choose my b’day present (sept 23rd 2011)

  • Harriett Legler

    I am quite thrilled for each games, but I want to know if the special editions of the two games will be obtainable in NA and for how much.

  • Pizzaboycc

    Thanks for the post.

  • Amie Wolken

    Loved the interview!

  • Great Article! If they put in Limited editions, it may attract more fans as there are gamers that love bonuses such as soundtracks, artbooks and even a steelcase for storing the game! That’s why I’m importing a copy of the limited edition game from Europe for the extras and an Aussie copy for extra support and the backup artbook!

    As an Aussie gamer (and major supporter of Operation Rainfall of Australia), we gamers and fans of RPGs have to show our support by offering them with our money without the need to lead to piracy. I know we can’t get rid of piracy, but we can convince them to buy the physical copy if they have enjoyed their “imported” copy! Even though we didn’t really brought the games here, we have shown Nintendo that we want the Wii to finish off with a bang but not with two or three titles as we want to remember a console having great third party titles! We can’t just let Nintendo make the same mistake last year with their losses again do we? All we did last year is buy Wii points online and downloadable content… Q1-Q3 was nothing in 2011! Even though they may be a hit or a miss, they still can make a profit from the sales rather than no profit or worse, make another loss again!

  • Melisa Klenke

    Really hope Pandora’s Tower makes it stateside.

    • If you want Pandora’s Tower to make it stateside, buy Xenoblade and The Last Story, that way we can increase the chances of seeing Pandora’s Tower be localised stateside!

  • Kelli Shanklin

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  • blarg blarg

    I am writing a paper on the pandora myth, my thesis is on how it symbolizes knowledge. One is when prometheus steals the fire and is punish, and how pandora’s thrist for knowledge led her to opening the jar and dooming mankind. I have been looking for what people like Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell have to say about it but with no luck. Any talk about knowledge in general will be of use. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Joe T

    Xenoblade Chronicles is coming out the Friday and im one of the many pre-ordering it! I plan on using a Classic Controller with it but while looking at its page on the Gamestop website I noticed a link to the “Classic Controller Pro” which has grips and slightly more buttons. Now im worried that the game will only work with the Classic Controller Pro. Is this true or will I be able to play with the normal classic controller?

  • Motordom

    Like old school FFs, Chrono Trigger/Cross…
    Is it comparable or entirely different? Even so: better; worse; alike… I don’t know. Worth buying?
    Any ideas?
    Thanks 🙂

  • Benihana

    1.Brandon received a book for his birthday and read 76 pages in 4 hours. Later, he read 85 pages in 5 hours. Does his reading follow a direction variation? Explain.

    2.Solve 3x > -6 for x.

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  • Adam

    In the summer I can use full hot and cold and my bath is comfortable. In the fall, it takes less hot water and more cold. In the winter it takes more hot water and less cold.

    Why is this?

  • unbleevable39

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  • andresumoza


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    global warming.

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  • Xbox360king

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  • supernerd567

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  • sick_mick_101

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    What should I know to choose a good hot tub and to have it installed flush with the deck surface? Thanks in advance for your tips/experiences.

  • stingerms

    I can’t even enjoy myself in the shower because the hot water runs out after about 10 minutes, then I’m left there to freeze. I’m used to taking 30 minute hot soothing showers! I just got out of the shower and was only to shave one leg because it got too cold. Does this mean I have a crappy hot water heater or what?

  • Travoiz

    I have been growing a thai ornamental pepper plant for a while and ive picked lots of small peppers (less than an inch big) and dried them. I have under 20. I want to make a mini batch of hot sauce with them but im not sure how..

    They are super hot (50,000+ scolenes) and you can tell just by biting into one (OUCH!).

    So does anyone have any good hot hot recipes for my peppers?

  • Lachlan

    Do you know any game that have huge/open world with great meadows, lakes, mountains etc. Also the genre of these games must be RPG or MMO.

  • sakyue1993

    How many different combinations of hot dogs can I make?
    I make hot dogs. I have 12 different toppings.Including a plain hotdog how many different types of hot dogs can I make?