CES 2012 – EXTV Eye Wear

  • These things look sweet!

  • Paul M

    It has to be two shows that aired on Nick before 1999, that aren’t on the air anymore.
    Only two though.

  • Hannah

    I just watched My Bloody Valentine 3d with the typical green and red 3d glasses. It didn’t look so good ( which I expected) and I wanted to know if there are any better 3d glasses to use for these movies so that you can enjoy them. I went to imax and the 3d movie there looked nicer, I am not sure if it was the 3d glasses or just the over all quality of the movie and the glasses put together. Thanks!

  • Jeanelle the Retard

    I have become very interested in animation and want to get into it. What is the best 3D animating software that is perfect for a beginner. Any feedback helps thanks.

  • Matthew

    What is the best 3d scanner at a reasonable price? NextEngine is a bit expensive. Is there any other 3d scanners aside from nextengine?

  • nathan

    I am planning to add a 3d effect on my future designs, what 3d software can you recommend that will work well also with adobe products?

  • supernerd567

    I have a 55WX800u Toshiba 3d tv, and I also have the toshiba 3d glasses, plus the Xbox.

  • Andre

    Ive never gone to see a 3D film because of this, i know you can sort of wear the 3D specs on your glasses,, but i don think its the same. Is there some sort of 3D glasses site, you could buy with your prescription?

  • Spider Pc

    Well, Nick Fury is be lazy for not helping his team during the battle, Why?

  • unbleevable39

    Will 3d projectors support ps3 3d games when the update is released? Also has anyone currently got a 3d projector & how worth while would it be to get one considering the upcoming rise of 3d games & films?

  • Brian

    I have the Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W3 camera. Is it possible I can print the 3D photos myself somehow, a special printer or just buy special lenticular paper or put sheets over top of the prints?
    Or is the only way to have it done, to mail it in and pay to have it printed by Fujifilm?

  • David

    I want to buy a 3D projector but this “3D ready” stuff is confusing. What do I need to look for in a projector to ensure I can connect it to a 3D bluray player and play 3D movies?

  • Squall Leonhart

    How does the three dimensional structure
    of SP3 bonds of Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen
    cause them to form polar or non-polar

    The answer must include a 3d
    diagram of the molecules, and a discussion of the
    effect of their electron configurations for bonds to
    H; and how their filled or bonded orbitals
    contributes to the polar nature of the molecule.


  • Blake

    I’m looking to make a home theater system with a projector, but I’m excited about the prospect of the 3d stereoscopic movies in my home. Will the 3d systems be based on the player or the screen? Should I anticipate buying a 3d capable blu-ray player or a 3d capable projector?

  • Thomas Lopez

    I want something user friendly, and easy to apply animations and textures with. Someone recommended 3D Studio Max which looked pretty nice, but is really, really expensive..

    Something free might be too much to ask for, but at least something under the 100 mark if possible.

    I’d like to use it to make animated cutscenes for a PS1-styled freeware game I’m making.
    100 US Dollar mark*, I mean.